Get fit with KETTLER. We have been manufacturing an array of exercise equipment since 1970 to enhance your daily workout routine and make you look and feel better. Use our crosstrainers, exercise bikes, rowers, treadmills and other products to challenge your muscles and build your stamina. KETTLER training and exercise equipment will help your become more physically fit, help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system. Depending on the type of KETTLER exercise equipment you choose, you can focus on your upper body, arms, legs, stamina and overall body strength.

Bicycles provide exercise, fun and transportation all rolled into one. KETTLER has the right bike to fit your needs and the needs of every member of your family. For basic fun and exercise we have kid's bikes, as well as women's and men's bikes. If you plan to travel a longer distance, consider a touring bike or commuter bicycle. If you want to stow your bike in your car to take a ride while you're at work or on vacation, try a folding bike. Many of our accessories will make every bike ride more enjoyable.

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  • SIEMENS® electronic VGA and LCD combined dual window computer display offers adjustable tilt for optimal viewing angle and provides high resolution digital and graphical data
  • Informative computer provides the following work out data: Speed, RPM, Distance, Time, Energy Consumption, Pulse Rate, and Performance in Watts
  • The advanced programmable training computer provides 48 programs including heart rate controlled programming and 4 user memory
  • Computer display includes a graphic dot matrix showing program hill profiles
  • The SIEMENS® computer display has back lighting allowing for use in dark settings without the need for overhead lighting
  • The programming includes 5 Heart Rate Control programs that automatically adjust resistance levels in order to achieve and maintain one's target heart rate training zone
  • Heart rate can be measured in two ways: Infrared earlobe clip sensor or by using the POLAR® T-34 wireless heart rate chest strap transmitter (included)
  • The computer offers a Recovery Feature which provides a grading a cardio wellness grading indexed 1 to 6 helping to track improvement
  • KETTLER Induktions Brake System provides and extensive range of variable, frictionless, electromagnetic resistance for smooth and challenging performance
  • The resistance can be adjusted ranging from 25 watts to 400 watts providing enough range to challenge beginners through world class athletes
  • The RE7 provides two sets of handlebars. The console handlebars aid in getting in and out of the seat and the seat handlebars aid in higher intensity workouts
  • The thick padded seat bottom and breathable mesh seat back provide maximum comfort
  • The seat adjusts along the sloping support frame to accommodate to people with either long or short legs and the mesh backrest can adjusts angle of recline
  • The pedals are weighted to help keep upright to more easily mount one's foot and include foot straps to aid in keeping proper position as well as lifting on the upstroke
  • The sturdy, powder coated, high carbon steel frame with a lifetime warranty is built to last
  • The "Q" factor of the RE7 is 8" for comfort and stability
  • The 22 lbs. flywheel is designed to provide smooth performance
  • Sealed ball bearings are utilized to yield smooth performance and maintenance-free operation
  • A Poly "V" drive belt is used in the drive system eliminating chain noise providing ultra-quiet operation with no required lubrication
  • Built-in floor levelers adapt to uneven floors
  • Transport castors are built-in for easy relocating
  • An AC power source is required (110-120 volt)

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  • WATER RESISTANCE - There's nothing quite like rowing with actual water resistance to create the feeling of actually rowing on the water.
  • INFORMATIVE COMPUTER - The digital computer display continuously provides workout data and integrated BLUETOOTH capability can provide wireless heartrate readings as well as interface with KETTLER MAPPS
  • STABLE - Widely positioned aluminum rails maximize stability and smoothly guide and glide the seat with ball bearing rollers
  • STOWABLE - This full-size indoor rower can be lifted and stored vertically and compactly in less than 5.2 square feet.
  • MOVABLE - The integrated transport rollers on the front frame allow for easy transport and relocating
  • DISPLAY READINGS - Time, 500m Pace, Number of Strokes, Strokes Per Minute, Energy consumption
  • DIMENSIONS - 85.5" x 22.5" x 33" / Stored Vertical: 33" x 22.5" x 85.5"
  • MAGNETIC RESISTANCE - simply select your desired resistance level and begin rowing
  • INFORMATIVE COMPUTER - Digital computer display continuously provide workout data
  • STABLE - Widely positioned aluminum rails maximize stability and smoothly glide the seat with ball bearing rollers
  • STOWABLE - This full-size indoor rower can be lifted and stored vertically to be stored vertically and compactly in less than 5.2 square feet.
  • DISPLAY READINGS - Time, 500m Pace, Number of Strokes, Strokes per minute, Energy consumption
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY - allows users to use their tablet or smartphone and utilize Kinomaps app for added visual element for increased motivation and entertainment
  • Step-thru design steel frame provides easy access
  • Informative blue backlit LCD electronic computer display with push & turn controls with 8 programs with adjustable intensity levels
  • Display provides: Total distance, Time, Speed, RPM, Energy consumption and Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Control Programs automatically adjust resistance to maintain optimal training at target rate
  • 10 programs with automatic resistance control
  • Choose from7 languages for the computer to displayed
  • Quick Start Feature  Simply begin pedaling
  • Bluetooth interface for use of fitness apps available for free download such as the KETTMaps App
  • Built-in bracket to provide a secure and easily visible place for your tablet or smartphone
  • Motor-controlled variable magnetic resistance system with 15 Levels
  • Dual set of handlebars with secure grip coating aid in entering and exiting safely
  • Thick padded, high back seat with 13 positions to adjust for short and tall users for maximum comfort
  • Heavy 18 lb. flywheel delivers smooth operation
  • Recumbent design allows for proper ergonomic posture while simultaneously maximizing comfort
  • A maintenance-free, Poly-V drive belt ensures quiet operation and allows riding without disturbing others
  • Self-righting, textured grip pedals with foot strap for improved performance
  • Telemetric pulse sensor measures heart rate electronically
  • Built-in castors for easy relocating and floor levelers to adapt to uneven floors
  • An AC power source is required (power cord included)
  • 285 lb. Weight capacity
  • Assembly required

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