Gymnic's Rody, Gyffy, Raffy and hop balls help develop balance, movement skills and coordination. The Rody horse is a funny and valuable support for the body movement. It helps improve and harmonize your child's trunk, legs and arms muscles. It has been adopted in many nursery schools as psycho-motor tool. It is used by therapists to enhance language, memory and perception skills. However it is mainly an involving and relaxing toy, a pleasant and calming entertainment, which stimulates group activities and relations. Since its first appearance on the market in 1984, Rody has been greatly appreciated by children because of its rounded design, its resiliency and softness. The Hop Balls are a dynamic toy which fosters children's coordination and balance, by combining amusement and healthy motor activity. The grip safety is provided by the soft one-piece handle, which is manufactured in the same material as the ball. The Hop balls can also be included in motor activity plans to carry out involving and innovative exercises, thanks to the use of the handle.

  • Turns the Rody,Gyffy and Raaffy into a rolling horse
  • Soft geometric forms that can be used to create small structures & carry out educational activities
  • Help to build shape and color association skills
  • Comes in a set of 16 pieces
  • Includes 4 geometric shapes in 4 primary colors
  • Turns the Rody, Kody, Gyffy and Raffy into a rocking horse
  • Inflatable, dynamic air cushion which activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine
  • Wedge shape encourages user to assume a correct sitting posture
  • Bumpy surface resists sliding and allows for air circulation between user and cushion
  • Made of super strong, phthalate and latex free material