Rowing is one of the best full-body workouts because it challenges every major muscle group of the body. KETTLER Rowing machines help to strengthen and tone the muscular system while at the same time providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Rowing machines also offer a well-balanced form of stamina training which improves the performance of both the circulatory and respiratory system. Rowing also improves and maintains flexibility and is impact free. Rowers also provide an excellent way to lose weight, burn calories and rehabilitate muscles, ligaments and joints while also helping to relieve stress. Whether you are a novice or personal trainer, young or old, KETTLER rowers offer the perfect workout suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Several of our top rowing machines provide the additional benefit to perform 16 different exercises due to the innovative design and forward thinking of our engineers. From sitting or standing lifts to curls and ab training, additional exercises allow you flexibility in your workouts and versatility in KETTLER Rowing machine!

  • WATER RESISTANCE - There's nothing quite like rowing with actual water resistance to create the feeling of actually rowing on the water.
  • INFORMATIVE COMPUTER - The digital computer display continuously provides workout data and integrated BLUETOOTH capability can provide wireless heartrate readings as well as interface with KETTLER MAPPS
  • STABLE - Widely positioned aluminum rails maximize stability and smoothly guide and glide the seat with ball bearing rollers
  • STOWABLE - This full-size indoor rower can be lifted and stored vertically and compactly in less than 5.2 square feet.
  • MOVABLE - The integrated transport rollers on the front frame allow for easy transport and relocating
  • DISPLAY READINGS - Time, 500m Pace, Number of Strokes, Strokes Per Minute, Energy consumption
  • DIMENSIONS - 85.5" x 22.5" x 33" / Stored Vertical: 33" x 22.5" x 85.5"