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  • St. Patrick’s Day is coming.  Whether you’re of Irish descent or not there are generally a lot of fun events for adults and even for kids to join.  So, how can you make this festive holiday a wee bit of fun for you and your family?

    Get Crafty

    There are plenty of crafts to help get your children excited for St. Patrick’s Day, and ways to include them in decorating your home for any festivities.  

    - St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow in a Jar:  You have to make your way through the rainbow of Skittles to find the Leprechaun’s gold!  This can help your child learn about the colors of the rainbow, and they can sneak a few Skittles while making this special treat.

    - Stained Glass Rainbow: All you need is some tissue paper, wax paper and glue.  Tear up colored tissue paper (colors of the rainbow), tear off a sheet of wax paper.  Spread glue on the wax paper in the shape of the rainbow and then place tissue paper on the glue. Use a second piece of wax paper covered with glue and place over the top of the rainbow and your stained glass rainbow is complete.

    Get Active

    It depends on where you live, but there are often times a lot of fun activities for families on or near St. Patrick’s Day.  There are parades that showcase Irish Step Dancing, local Irish groups play music, and lots of great Irish food.   Some of the most famous and fun activities include:

    - Dyeing the Chicago River Green: If you live in Chicago, then head on to the Chicago River to see 45 pounds of vegetable dye get poured into the river to turn it a festive green color for the day. 

    - Leprechaun Hunts: Cities like Philadelphia and Chicago host Leprechaun hunts for children, in which children and parents participate together in a scavenger hunt to find Leprechauns and win prizes!

    - Leprechaun Dash: This is a special race as part of the Shamrock Marathon series, in which children ages 6 months to 5 years old can participate in their own race.  A 26.2 yard run, as these dashers reach the finish line, they are celebrated with a finishers medal, cheers from the crowd and more.  It’s a great way for young runners to get excited about St. Patrick’s Day, or to participate with their parents.

    Get Cooking

    We’re going to stick to a few sweet treats for St. Patrick’s Day, however, there are most definitely plenty of savory recipes that you can introduce your children to.  Corned Beef and cabbage, Irish Soda Bread are two of the better known Irish dishes for St. Patrick’s Day.  But, let’s have some fun with these tasty treats:

    - St. Patrick’s Day Crispy Treats: Your typical Rice Crispy Treats get a twist, add a little bit of green food dye to the melted marshmallows and turn these into special green treats.  (Get extra creative, and use a Shamrock cookie cutter to make them in the shape of Shamrocks).

    - Green Candied Popcorn:  Add a little bit of butter, sugar, corn syrup, green food coloring and more to spice up a normal bowl of popcorn.  Surprise your kids with their very own green popcorn.

    May the luck of the Irish be on your side this St. Patrick’s Day and we hope that you’re able to enjoy a fun-filled green weekend with your family.


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  • It’s no secret that active people live healthier - and often longer - lives. Since you want your loved ones to not only stick around for as long as possible, but enjoy and make the most of their lives, active gifts are the ultimate way to show you care.

    There’s an active present appropriate for everyone on your list. Just make sure the gift matches up to their interests and fitness level. An avid runner might love a new pair of sneakers, while someone just getting into fitness might be interested in a step-monitoring device to help them on the journey toward better health.

    From improving wellness, to encouraging fun and adventure, here are a few reasons why you should consider active gifts for your loved ones this season.

    1) They’re fun. Kids love anything that gets them moving, and adults savor the chance to let loose, play, and relax. No need to wait – active gifts are often the first ones put to use on Christmas morning, with outdoor walks and adventures frequently part of holiday family traditions. Table tennis sets, and bikes, scooters, and other toys all make great active gifts.

    2) Active presents send an inspiring message. Regular physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and even cancer in your loved ones. Encourage them to improve their lives with functional and fun presents that can make a momentous difference in their wellbeing.

    3) Movement makes happiness. Exercise helps us process and handle stress more effectively. Regular movement puts things in perspective, and helps people see the world in a larger scope. Setting and achieving fitness goals creates a confidence that transfers over to many others areas of life – from school, to work, to personal relationships. Give a gift that will guarantee greater life satisfaction.

    4) Activities make memories. Items that involve activities are the best presents, because they give something that’s hard to lose or top – memories. Active gifts give families and friends ways to bond, explore, and grow together in good health.

    5) They’re unique. It’s easy to forget who gave you a mug or a gift card, but you’ll always remember who gave you a fitness gadget or toy you use at least once a week.

    From outdoor games to exercise equipment, help your friends and family reach their optimum levels of health and happiness this holiday season with gifts from KETTLER USA that incite adventure, inspire growth, and foster confidence. It’s no contest: active gifts are the best!

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  • Growing up, each of my siblings received their gifts under the Christmas tree, as did I. But, then there was always a pile or a big box hidden away somewhere else that was from Santa and was for the whole family to enjoy, even my parents! We never knew what to expect, was it a new board game or a pack of movie tickets or in my wildest dreams, a trip to Disneyworld. But, every year without fail, we received a family gift. It was a great way for all of us to come together at the end of the day and really enjoy the holiday together and celebrate what Christmas is all about, spending time with family, not about what Santa may have left under the tree.

    Here are some great gift ideas that will surprise your family and provide hours of fun!

    Table Tennis Table

    Nothing says holiday cheer like a friendly game of table tennis. If you’re like my family, then this ultimately turns into a bracket style challenge, where winner takes all! It’s a fun way to be competitive, have fun and cheer each other on. You can get an indoor table or an outdoor table (depends on your home, location and preference), but either way, you can have hours of fun playing singles or doubles against the whole family.

    Board Games

    It may seem a little old-school considering there are so many different video games or apps out there that help foster family-time and game nights, but breaking out the good old-fashioned board games for a family fun night can be a great way to disconnect from technology and have fun with the whole family. From trivia games to word games, there are so many different options out there. So if Monopoly gets too competitive for your family, opt for something a little more light-hearted.

    Just Dance Games

    So while we just said that it’s great to disconnect from video games and technology, there are some really fun games that will not only be fun for the whole family, they’re actually really great ways to stay active while being stuck indoors during the cold winter months. Just Dance lets the whole family show off their dancing skills, and video play-backs definitely provide some great laughs. See who has the best moves in the family!

    Popcorn Maker & DVD set

    Movie nights are always fun! And while going out to the movies is always a great time, it can get a bit pricey for the whole family. So, why not bring the movie-night experience home. Get a cool popcorn maker, pick up different types of movie candy and then choose different DVDs for a full-on movie marathon. You can even pick your favorite childhood movies to share with your kids, they’ll love watching the oldies. 

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  • Making sure your kids grow up healthy and fit is every parent’s top priority. As important as encouraging active healthy behavior is, finding a balance between work, family, school, and physical activity can be tough. Setting a healthy example and getting kids excited about getting active is a good place to start. Here are some tips and fun ways to engage your kids in physical activity.

    Bike Ride

    Bike rides can be relaxing and also a great strengthening and aerobic workout. Riding a bike works all the major muscles groups of the body.

    At KETTLER we make bicycles of all types and sizes to best suit each member of your family.


    Weekly Sports Nights

    Whether it’s Tuesday night or Sunday afternoon, get the whole family in the backyard or at a neighborhood park for a ball game. Take turns choosing what sport or game to play that week. From soccer to table tennis, you’ll get a good workout in and make lasting memories with your family.


    Charity Runs

    Give back to community while getting active. Team up with your children for a fundraising race. Walk or run races and have fun training with fitness games and challenges in the weeks before an event. Children will enjoy seeing their progress from race to race and earning medals and certificates.


    Family Fitness Classes

    Swimming, biking, canoeing and hiking are great in the summer and into the early fall, while sledding, ice skating, building a snowman or skiing are winter fun. Depending on the season find fun mini adventures your family can plan and look forward to. Many gyms and community centers offer family fitness classes designed for parents and children. Or create your own backyard regiment on the swing set or in the grass.


    Even chores around the house or something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood can be turned into fun games and a chance to get active, even if only for a few minutes. Nature walks are great in any season. For fall make a game out of catching leaves on a windy day - see who can catch the red, yellow, and green leaves. Let the kids help out in the yard by having them rake the leaves into piles – then have fun jumping in them or taking turns covering one another in leaves. 

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