• This entry was posted in Bikes on June 16, 2016

  • Tracking how far you’ve gone, helping you find the best routes, and enabling you to meet other bike-loving people in your area, who would have thought our phones could help improve our health?

    But it’s true. 90% of adults have smart phones, which has given rise to a huge increase in health-related apps that can help you take small steps toward improving your wellness on the go.

    From where it’s safest to ride, to how to find cool new routes, bikers can benefit from this rise in health apps more than anyone. Below are a few of the best apps around specifically for bike lovers.

    Map My Ride. Keep track of where you’ve gone and how far you’ve ridden with Map My Ride. This is much easier than scribbling your stats down in a notebook, and you’ll have the information with you wherever you go! There’s also the option to share your ride information on your social media channels. Available on both iOS and Android.

    Strava. This tracking app not only records when and where you’ve gone, but how your speed has compared to other cyclists. Strava also lets you join cycling groups and network with other bike enthusiasts. Available on both iOS and Android.

    Bikemap. Bored with the same old routes? Bikemap can help you discover new areas to explore – and you can share your tried and true routes with other users. The app holds more than 2.8 million paths – you’ll never get bored again. Available on both iOS and Android.

    Rise. Devoted bikers need the fuel to match the intensity of their workouts. Rise pairs users with a registered dietician to monitor their eating on a daily basis. Instagram devotees will find the app especially easy to use – you simply upload photos of everything you eat, and record your water intake and physical activity. Currently only available on iOS.

    Often viewed as a “lone wolf” activity, biking can be an incredibly social activity if you use your smart phone, health-related apps and other social media sites to share your favorite routes, best times, and yummy fuel. These four apps are a great start to all of the resources available on your phone to improve your biking experience – and there are many more bike-related health apps to be found.

    Use this summer to explore your favorite cities and routes with some of the best health apps around. It can take your cycling experience to the next level!