• This entry was posted in Bikes on July 06, 2016

  • What’s more exciting than setting out on the road with a blank slate of a day ahead of you? With possibly only a vague idea of where you’ll head, the possibilities seem endless underneath the bright summer sun on your bike. You’re off to take on and explore the world.

    But a few elements of adventures should never be left to chance – especially when your adventure involves sharing the road with cars, walkers, and other cyclists! Lucky for you, there are all kinds of gadgets that can make your long summer bike rides a breeze, and ensure you’re safe while charting new territory.

    Water bottle cage kit. Hydrating while riding your bike couldn’t be more important. This easy to install water bottle cage kit makes it simple, and the cage will fit any standard water bottle. A tool like this is essential for long bike rides, unless you want to end up feeling dizzy and awful.

    Bike commuter kit. Getting ready to set out on the road and realizing you need way more than your pockets can carry? This bike commuter kit includes a messenger bag full of tools you might need while biking (8 function bike computer, bike chain and lock, etc.), but leaves plenty of room for you to store maps, snacks, sunscreen, and anything else you might need.

    Bike basket. Want easier access to your stuff while biking? A bike basket is a great way to store items that don’t need to be kept secure in your bag. There are options for front or back rattan construction baskets, front classic black baskets, and rear bike baskets.

    A safety flag. You can’t be too careful when traveling on a bike! This safety flag fits most bikes, and offers high visibility with its florescent orange color. You can use this flag to make drivers aware of your presence anytime, but it’s especially useful during evening rides.

    Biking is one of the most satisfying summer activities there is. With a group or flying solo, you can explore new areas, and work up a sweat and new appreciation for the beauty of natural lush landscapes and city streets. And with helpful tools at your side (or in your basket!), biking is all the more easy and safe.

    What are your favorite biking tools that help take your journeys to the next level?