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  • One of the best things about summer is the outdoor parties.  Ranging from patriotic themed BBQs, to luaus and pool parties, summer is filled with outdoor fun.  Here are a few quick tips to make your BBQ the best of the summer:

    Choose a Theme: Decide on a theme and go from there in choosing table settings and decorations. 4th of July, for example, is always a popular time for backyard get-togethers and barbeques. If there is no holiday or event you are celebrating with your barbeque simply choose a summery color scheme to tie together all of your decorations and to give your patio a festive, unified look.

    Decorate: Once you have a theme or color scheme in mind, decorating your outdoor entertaining area should be a fun part of the process! Choose a colorful table cloth to brighten up your table. Use plates, silverware, cups, and napkins to also help liven up your patio area for the occasion. Once the sun goes down the party can still go on. Adding decorative lighting is functional and adds a cozy feel to your backyard.

    Prep the Day Before: Get your basics set up and ready the day before so you’re not in a rush. It is always important to clean the grill and check your charcoal or gas supply ahead of time. Stock up on all the food items you’ll need for the party as well as condiments, napkins, plates and ice. Be sure to set up extra tables, lighting, and plenty of comfy seating options. Also clear your patio of any clutter and mow the lawn!

    Classic Recipes: Keep with a simple, classic menu for your barbeque, sticking with favorites for example potato salad, corn on the cob, coleslaw, fresh fruit, vegetables, burgers, and hot dogs. Or go potluck style and have your guests bring a different side dish or dessert. No matter what you’re cooking keep in mind how many people you invited and make extras just in case. Prepare as much as possible the day or night before so that you’re not stuck in the kitchen and are able to enjoy the company of your guests.

    Keep Bugs Away: Protect the food and your guests from bugs. Offer insect repellent sprays and light candles, or torches to ward off mosquitoes. Cover food or use sealable dishes to avoid any bugs invading your buffet. The most important things to do are to keep the patio area clean, especially where people will be eating, and keep the food inside if possible.

    Summer Drinks: In addition to stocking up your coolers and fridge with your favorite beer, try mixing together a fresh summer punch. Add a summer twist to your favorite drinks by adding frozen berries or lemon slices instead of ice to keep drinks cold and give them a little extra zest. Also have lots of water and sodas on hand for non-drinkers and kids!

    Healthy Options: Keep in mind who you have invited to your barbecue and if there is anyone with a food allergy or any vegetarians that will be dining with you. Have a vegetarian option available just in case. Healthy fresh sides and snacks are tasty and refreshing for everyone to enjoy. Try a tray of vegetables or fresh fruit instead of potato chips as an appetizer for guests to snack on before the main meal.

    Entertainment: Adults as well as kids enjoy lawn games and of course a summer playlist is key for any barbeque! If there are going to be children at your party make sure you also set up a few activities just for them, so they stay entertained while the adults spend time together. Arts and crafts, water games, whiffle ball, or Frisbees are all easy, fun options for kids of any ages. If your pool will be open for use at your party make sure to have sunscreen available and never let children swim without adult supervision.

    Throwing a successful summer bash can definitely be a lot of work, but with these quick tips in mind, your party will be the favorite of the summer.

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