• This entry was posted in Patio on June 19, 2017

  • Your favorite summer holiday is approaching – happy Fourth of July! Fourth of July is a fantastic time to celebrate freedom, family, friends, and all of our fortunes, all while enjoying delicious homemade food in the backyard.

    Many people host backyard parties or barbeques on the Fourth of July. With dozens of close friends coming over and grilling wonderful food, you want your patio space to add to the festive ambiance. Below are a few tips for creating a one of a kind space for your Fourth of July party this year.

    - Do basic cleaning and maintenance. Have you cleaned your patio yet this summer? If not, take this opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of your patio space. Remove all of the furniture before you begin. Start by sweeping away all outdoor debris and leaves. Then hose the area down with a light detergent and water.

    - Invest in some festive decorations. Nothing says the Fourth of July like red, white and blue streamers, candles or lights. There are many options when it comes to purchasing Fourth of July decorations, but you can also make your own, from holiday placemats, to American flag candles, to bottle centerpieces.

    - Reexamine your layout. Think about the type of gathering you’re planning and whom you’re inviting. What kind of seating would be ideal? You might want to pull in extra chairs, rearrange your seats so they’re scattered into small lounge areas, or maybe even do away with most of your chairs, only leaving a few behind for people who might get tired standing. The options are endless, and you’ll be amazed at the effect seating can have on ambiance.

    - Set up your music. Think strategically about where you’re going to want to set up your speakers, etc. Weren’t planning on having music? Think again! Music is essential to large outdoor gatherings and can turn a casual get-together into a festive party people will be talking about for the rest of the summer.

    Decide on a dining style. How are you planning on serving your guests? Will there be a walk-up buffet style table or will snacks be scattered throughout the patio on small trays? Will you be serving guests individually? There is no right answer – just something to think about as you plan your outdoor gathering.

    Even though we want to help you be the perfect host this Fourth of July – don’t forget to kick back, relax and enjoy the holiday a little bit yourself as well. We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with the love of your close friends and family. What a great way to start the summer season!

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