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  • Comfortable versatile furniture? Check. Party silverware, plates, and coasters? Check. A dozen or so close friends to enjoy the wonderful spring weather with? Check.

    Don’t forget to check off the fun and vibrant lighting that sets the mood for the ultimate warm weather gathering too.

    From the classic, to the retro, to the avant-garde, your lighting determines how your guests see and enjoy your space. It’s also an ideal opportunity to get creative. Add a splash of fun to your classic black table and chairs, or tone down your brightly colored pillows with lighting that perfectly compliments your space.

    Below are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Remember: outdoor lighting should be more than functional. It should be fun.

    - String lights. Nothing livens up an outdoor dining area like string lights. Aiming for a carefree and youthful setting? Choose multi-colored lights. Hoping for a more classic feel? Opt for one color, like gold or silver. String lights aren’t just for winter holidays anymore.

    - Lanterns. Set the mood for quirky conversations. Create a hip, whimsical feel with colorful lanterns hung throughout the patio. Lanterns hung from trees or resting on tables add to the relaxed atmosphere.

    - “Do-It-Yourself” Chandeliers. Host swanky outdoor affairs during the spring and summer months? Wire baskets, candles, and crystals can create breathtaking outdoor chandeliers on a budget. Your lighting should be as stunning as your wine glasses. Hang these handmade chandeliers over low branches for decorations that blend into your natural surroundings.

    - Candles. Another elegant choice, candles set the mood for romance and intimate talks (or scary stories!). Put them in plain mason jars for simple (yet lovely) spring lights in the evening. Candles are a timeless choice.

    - Classic bulbs. You can’t go wrong with classic patio lights – especially if your outdoor furniture already has a pop of color. Hang these in a straight line on your deck or in the trees by your dining area.

    Your outdoor gathering spot plays a big role in setting the mood for your soirees. Make sure your lighting aligns with the feel you’re going for.

    Need more patio inspiration? Browse our outdoor furniture at KETTLERUSA.com and read our blog post on creating the perfect summer patio so your lights are shining on something wonderful.

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  • Inside or outside? We’re approaching the months when the answer will almost always be “outside.” A stellar outdoor patio can make your restaurant stand out amongst a crowded dining scene.

    But when outside, atmosphere is everything, from the lighting to the furniture material, to the way your patio ground is designed.

    Here is a quick breakdown of some of the patio materials you can choose from. It’s important to do extensive research before committing to a material. You want something that not only matches the mood of your restaurant, but also is easy for you to maintain over a long period of time.

    Plain concrete. Concrete may be one of the cheapest options around, but it also requires frequent maintenance – the coating has to be reapplied at least every two years.

    Stamped concrete. A more elegant choice than plain concrete, stamped concrete is dyed for a look that blends in better with your outdoor dining area.

    Gravel. Gravel works well in patios with edging, and you don’t have to worry about erosion. Gravel creates a versatile look that can compliment everything from fancy outdoor dining areas to more casual establishments.

    Natural stone. One of the most costly choices, natural stone creates the most seamless patio material. There are many different types of stone you can choose from, including flagstone, slate, and limestone.

    Stone veneer. A more practical and cost-effective choice than natural stone, stone veneer can also make for a natural and elegant patio material.

    Brick. Brick can help create an old-fashioned, retro atmosphere, but it isn’t easy to maintain. Growing moss can require frequent cleaning, and water can cause bricks to crack and need to be replaced.

    Tiles. Tiles are one of the most versatile materials you can choose, and there are many different options. It will be easy to find something to match your outdoor dining area at an affordable price if you choose tiles. Pro tip: triple check to make sure you’re purchasing tiles that work for outdoor areas!

    Selecting a patio material is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when decorating your restaurant. Do your research, shop around, and don’t be afraid to take your time – decisions like these shouldn’t be rushed!

    Looking for furniture to match your new patio area? Browse our collection at KETTLERUSA.com. Make sure to also read up on patio furniture maintenance on our blog.

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  • Happy spring! With chilly weather and snowy grounds a thing of the past, warm weather means an air of relaxation, evenings spent enjoying being outdoors, and often a boost in energy and overall happiness.

    There are many reasons to love spring, from sundresses and outdoor walks, to hikes and campfires, to lightning bugs and bike rides. Don’t get caught up in the excitement and forget there’s work to be done – your patio won’t get itself ready for spring.

    Below are four tips to keep in mind when prepping your backyard for the change in seasons.

    1) Do your spring-cleaning! Scrub down your outdoor furniture with soap and water. A lot of dirt can accumulate throughout the year. While you’re out there, do an inventory. Is anything wobbly or broken? Now is the time to replace it.

    2) Get started on garden maintenance. Clear the leaves out of your flowerbeds and get rid of any tree branches on your patio area. Although this ideally should have been done in the fall, check your garden soil and adjust it if needed (which you can do with coffee grounds or even eggshells).

    3) Check on your tools. Do an inventory of everything you’ll use for outdoor maintenance this spring. First and foremost, make sure your lawnmower and sprinkler are working well. Other tools/patio essentials to check on and make sure you have in an easy to access place: gardening tools, flower pots, and patio chair cushions.

    4) Do some research. Review how and when to water your plants, how to maintain and know when to replace your patio furniture, and if you’d like, come up with an exciting new spring project to spruce up your outdoor area, like adding an herb garden, or creating a new sitting nook by the rose bush you never get to enjoy.

    Savor the season and all the warmth, cheer, and health benefits it offers. Get to know your neighbors and enjoy this time when it’s easy to be active and experience the great outdoors.

    P.S. Did you do your outdoor inventory and find your backyard patio area lacking?  Treat you and your family to something new from KETTLERUSA.com. From classic lounge chairs to large dinner tables for outdoor feasts, we have everything you need to take your patio area to the next level.

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  • Not all patio styles create the same atmosphere. There’s a big difference between the ideal setting for a book club meeting over a bottle of wine, and a neighborhood gathering over smoked ribs and post-dinner games.

    Your patio sets the stage for the types of gatherings you’d like to have – from upscale dinner parties to solo sessions with your laptop. Here are a few different types of layouts that might inspire you. No matter what you decide, make sure to do just that – decide. Have a clear vision of how you’d like to use your patio space before you purchase furniture.

    4 Different Patio Styles You’ll Have a Blast With This Summer:

    A formal dining area. Who says eating outside has to be casual? With a wide, high-quality table and matching chairs, you can create the perfect atmosphere for a summer dinner party. Lovely white pillow cushions create an air of sophistication and dark-colored furniture stays clean looking and sleek throughout the summer.

    A party spot. Create different areas for people to gather and chat. A variety of tables and chairs made out of the same materials match, but aren’t monotonous. Spreading your furniture out throughout the patio in groups of 3-4 makes it appear larger, and creates the illusion of privacy between groups. Parties have sub-groups – make sure your patio enables this.

    A place for a barbeque hangout. Set up a few scattered dining areas near your grill so you can be a part of the group while you cook up the burgers and hot dogs. Opt for less formal furniture so your guests will feel comfortable tossing a Frisbee or ball, or starting a game of volleyball.

    A solo oasis. Not planning on letting anyone else hang out on your patio? Create your dream summer relaxing place with one comfy lounge chair and a few small tables to hold your drink, snacks, and other essentials. Something to think about: a large white umbrella will keep you cool and shade you from the sun.

    The type of patio you create has a direct effect on the types of shindigs you’ll host in your new space. Take a moment to think realistically about what type of atmosphere you’d like to create. For example, if you’ll most likely be having good friends over to enjoy beer and burgers in the backyard, don’t purchase a long and sleek black table with dark chairs adorned with bedazzled cushions.

    Once you know what look you’d like to create, head over to KETTLERUSA.com to explore our extensive collection of outdoor furniture perfect for any vision you have.

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  • High quality outdoor furniture can last years if cared for properly. At KETTLER USA, we offer a wide range of patio furniture to suits anyone’s tastes, from aluminum to resin to wrought iron to wicker.

    There’s nothing quite like outdoor dining – the cool breeze, the fresh air, the openness among friends sharing a bottle of wine against the backdrop of a lovely summer evening’s illuminant sky...

    Try as you may to stay on top of your outdoor furniture maintenance, life and its inevitable accidents happen. Don’t let rips and damage to your furniture go ignored. Here are a few surefire signs it’s time to look into purchasing new patio furniture.

    There’s been a big spill. Nothing ruins the elegance of tapas outdoors like red wine stains on your guest’s chair. If food or drinks have left irremovable stains on your patio furniture, it’s time to upgrade. To avoid this, clean up spills as soon as they happen. Don’t wait until after dinner.

    The furniture is unstable or rickety. Wind and bugs can make outdoor dining a nuisance, but there’s no excuse for unstable dining surfaces. If you have an outdoor table that won’t sit still, look into getting it repaired, or purchase a new one.

    Slings are ripped. Obvious but worth noting, ripped slings on outdoor furniture hinder their aesthetic and safety.

    Your cushions are moldy. Don’t hold onto cushions with mold developing. Clean your cushions on a regular basis to prevent this. Regular cleaning aside, cushions that have been outside during rainstorms are very prone to mold, so make sure to bring them inside if you’re expecting rain.

    Disastrous weather has hit your area. Tornadoes, hurricanes, intense storms, etc. If your area has been hit by hard weather, make sure to do a thorough check of your patio furniture to make sure everything is still in place and safe to use. Even better: move what furniture you can inside before the storm.

    Don’t let maintaining your patio slide. Your outdoor space should be just as wondrous as your indoor one. If you need a refresher, here are a few tips for how to care for and repair your outdoor furniture.

    If we raised any flags for you with our guidelines above, check out our extensive patio furniture selection. We’re sure you’ll find a set worth inviting the whole neighborhood over to enjoy!


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