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  • With beautiful springtime weather comes the chance to spend quality time together with the family. It's an opportunity for kids to learn new things and for parents to get to know their children better. It's also a good time for siblings to bond. Outdoor activities offer exercise, fresh air and fun. Depending on the ages of your kids, you can take them to the park, a nearby lake or just hang out in the neighborhood. Plan a time when everyone is available to go for a bike ride, a hike or to just try something new. A weekly outing can help you all build better friendships with each other while taking out some time for fun, fitness and leisure. 


    Going for a bike ride is a great way to get started on spring outdoor activities for the family. Adults and kids can ride their bikes together. Children over the age of three can ride on their own bikes or trikes. Little ones can ride in child carriers on the back of Mom or Dad's bike. If your children don't know how to ride yet, this could be the perfect time to teach them how. Look for local trails and bike paths. If you have a bike rack and an SUV, you can go for a drive to the nearest state park, pack a picnic lunch and bring your bikes. For a smaller adventure, take a ride to the library, the store or the park.


    Going for a nature hike is another way to enjoy the spring weather and each other. Visit a park or explore the neighborhood. The important thing is to engage in conversation and perhaps sneak in some learning. Bring a pair of binoculars and talk about different types of leaves, flowers, birds and other creatures you see on your outing.


    Kick it up a notch with a wet and wild adventure. Learning how to kayak is a skill that kids and parents can use throughout their lives. It focuses on balance, coordination and a love of adventure. Pack the life vests and make sure that your children can swim before taking them kayaking.

     Table Tennis

    If you want to stay close to home, table tennis is a great way to spend some family time. An outdoor table tennis table on the patio is accessible and a great source of exercise. Older children can also grab their table tennis paddles and play together without supervision. 


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  • St. Patrick’s Day is coming.  Whether you’re of Irish descent or not there are generally a lot of fun events for adults and even for kids to join.  So, how can you make this festive holiday a wee bit of fun for you and your family?

    Get Crafty

    There are plenty of crafts to help get your children excited for St. Patrick’s Day, and ways to include them in decorating your home for any festivities.  

    - St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow in a Jar:  You have to make your way through the rainbow of Skittles to find the Leprechaun’s gold!  This can help your child learn about the colors of the rainbow, and they can sneak a few Skittles while making this special treat.

    - Stained Glass Rainbow: All you need is some tissue paper, wax paper and glue.  Tear up colored tissue paper (colors of the rainbow), tear off a sheet of wax paper.  Spread glue on the wax paper in the shape of the rainbow and then place tissue paper on the glue. Use a second piece of wax paper covered with glue and place over the top of the rainbow and your stained glass rainbow is complete.

    Get Active

    It depends on where you live, but there are often times a lot of fun activities for families on or near St. Patrick’s Day.  There are parades that showcase Irish Step Dancing, local Irish groups play music, and lots of great Irish food.   Some of the most famous and fun activities include:

    - Dyeing the Chicago River Green: If you live in Chicago, then head on to the Chicago River to see 45 pounds of vegetable dye get poured into the river to turn it a festive green color for the day. 

    - Leprechaun Hunts: Cities like Philadelphia and Chicago host Leprechaun hunts for children, in which children and parents participate together in a scavenger hunt to find Leprechauns and win prizes!

    - Leprechaun Dash: This is a special race as part of the Shamrock Marathon series, in which children ages 6 months to 5 years old can participate in their own race.  A 26.2 yard run, as these dashers reach the finish line, they are celebrated with a finishers medal, cheers from the crowd and more.  It’s a great way for young runners to get excited about St. Patrick’s Day, or to participate with their parents.

    Get Cooking

    We’re going to stick to a few sweet treats for St. Patrick’s Day, however, there are most definitely plenty of savory recipes that you can introduce your children to.  Corned Beef and cabbage, Irish Soda Bread are two of the better known Irish dishes for St. Patrick’s Day.  But, let’s have some fun with these tasty treats:

    - St. Patrick’s Day Crispy Treats: Your typical Rice Crispy Treats get a twist, add a little bit of green food dye to the melted marshmallows and turn these into special green treats.  (Get extra creative, and use a Shamrock cookie cutter to make them in the shape of Shamrocks).

    - Green Candied Popcorn:  Add a little bit of butter, sugar, corn syrup, green food coloring and more to spice up a normal bowl of popcorn.  Surprise your kids with their very own green popcorn.

    May the luck of the Irish be on your side this St. Patrick’s Day and we hope that you’re able to enjoy a fun-filled green weekend with your family.

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