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  • No matter your fitness goals, there’ll be times you don’t feel like leaving the house. The trek down the stairs, to your car, and to the gym will seem unnecessary and unmanageable.

    Having a few pieces of simple exercise equipment at home is essential to maintaining serious fitness goals. If you don’t make exercise convenient to your lifestyle, it’s not likely to happen.

    That’s why we love fitness balls at KETTLER USA. With this one fun and colorful tool on hand, you can get a full body workout without leaving your living room.

    Below is a quick fitness ball workout we guarantee will make you sweat.

    Warm up. Sit down on the exercise ball. Spread your legs apart in front of you, knees bent, and do some sit ups while balancing on the ball using your feet as anchors. Do this 100-150 times.

    Squat and reach. Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly. Make sure your back is completely straight and that your arms are raised out parallel to the floor in front of you. Rotate your hips and reach with the ball held between your hands to the left. Hold for 10-15 seconds, and then switch to your right. Do each side 10 times.

    Ball squeeze squat. Stand up with your legs spread, knees slightly bent. Place the fitness ball between your legs. Squat down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle, and squeeze the ball as many times as you can – aiming for at least 20-30 short consecutive squeezes.

    Crunches. Sit down on the ball with your feet in front of you and hip-width apart. Cross your arms across your chest and lean back slightly, keeping your back perfectly straight. Hold for three seconds and then move back up. Do 2-3 sets of 20 crunches each.

    Fitness ball push-up. Lie facedown on the ball with your hands and feet on the ground and stomach on the ball. Carefully walk your hands forward until your shins are on the ball and you’re in a push-up position. Slowly lower your upper body down until your elbows are at 90-degree angles. Lift yourself back up and repeat 10-15 times. If you’re up for it, rest for a few minutes, and then do another set, this time holding yourself down at the bottom for three seconds per push-up.

    Fitness balls are an ideal exercise tool for anyone who loves working out at home or on the go. You can take basic exercises to whole new levels, and keep your muscles guessing and challenged. Plus, fitness balls are compact and hardly an eyesore! When you’re done with your workout, just move your ball off to the side. An even better idea: use your exercise ball as a chair in your home office.


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  • You take calls, send emails, consult your employees, sit in conference rooms for what seems like endless hours a day, and probably eat every meal at your desk. You’re working on a career you’re proud of, but your busy schedule makes it hard to fit exercise into your days.

    We know it’s challenging to stay active when you’re juggling multiple priorities, but your busiest times are when it’s most importance to make an effort to move more.

    Exercise not only improves your overall mental health and happiness, but functions as a great stress reliever. Anxious about a meeting tomorrow? An hour break on a cardio machine could be just what you need.

    If you’re successful in business, but struggling with fitness, here are a few of our favorite and most efficient exercises you can do on the go.

    1) Simple free weight exercises. Basic moves like the triceps extension and bicep curl are classics for a reason: they’re easy to do and highly effective, plus a set of free weights shouldn’t set you back financially.

    2) Medicine ball routines. Medicine balls are small exercise balls (around 14 inches) that come in a variety of weights – you can choose the one most suitable for you based on your level of fitness. Medicine ball exercises work your whole body, especially your core.

    3) Squats. Squats can be done anywhere, as long as you’re wearing flexible clothing you can move in. There are many different types of squats other than the classic variation that you can incorporate into your routine on the go and get a stellar workout with.

    4) Pushups. When it comes to fitness, sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics. You can always make your pushup form better and pushups are one of the best ways to work your upper body with zero equipment – meaning you can do them anywhere.

    5) Innovative floor ab work. Sure, situps are easy to do on the go, but they can get boring. Explore different ways to work your abs to exhaustion using only your body. No fancy gadgets or equipment needed!

    6) Work out in your chair. It’s no secret that we love using exercise balls as chairs at work. Keep your muscles guessing and engaged all day long.

    7) Midday walks or runs timed with your breaks. Working all day without taking breaks can affect your health and the quality of your work. Schedule breaks throughout the day that can also function as exercise. A couple of fifteen minute brisk strolls around the building can burn a surprising amount of calories and clear your head for important meetings.

    A vibrant professional career can be rewarding, fun, and propel you forward in achieving happiness. But you can’t get there without simultaneously working on your health.

    With many effective exercises involving zero equipment, there’s no excuse for letting your wellness slip your mind. Plan your workouts like they’re mandatory meetings – we know you’d never miss one of those!

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