Whether you prefer to call it table tennis or ping pong, it's a game of coordination, skill and quick reflexes. Thinking fast and having fun are part of what make it a sport growing in popularity. KETTLER has all of the quality equipment and accessories you need to play the game indoors or outdoors. Our table tennis tables are durable, safe and functional. We have developed an aluminum table tennis table that provides better bounce for table tennis balls, creating a more exciting game for you, your friends and family. We also have a variety of KETTLER accessories such as ping pong paddles and balls. Whether you want to enhance your skills at the sport of table tennis or you want to enjoy some ping pong time with friends, choose KETTLER's Made in Germany table tennis tables.

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  • (2) HALO 5.0 Outdoor Racquets
  • 3 KETTLER Outdoor balls

    HALO 5.0 Outdoor TT Racquet Features Include

  • Absolutely Weatherproof
  • Manufactured from proprietary K2, a high impact resin that allows for great durability and weather resistance
  • Ergonomically designed concave handle is easy to grip and comfortable to use
  • Light-weight design and smooth synthetic rubber blade gives players more control and speed for power shots
  • Air Channel High Performance Core
  • Infused Smooth Rubber Surface
  • (2) GTX 75 Racquets
  • (2) 6 packs of KETTLER 3 Star orange tournament size balls

    GTX 75 Racquet Features Include

  • Pips in performance rubber with 1.5 mm sponge
  • 5-ply shakehand design features an anatomic handle-ergo grip
  • Ergo grip handle is foam filled which absorbs vibrations for perfect ball control and unbelievable precision
  • Speed:50% Spin: 40% Control: 60%

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  • 144 count 1-star balls
  • Orange in color