Gymnic physiotherapy, fitness and wellfit inflatables offer a wide range of uses. The fitness ball is a specific tool to foster recovery from neurological and orthopedic pathologies, a valuable support in treating muscular dystrophy and for rehabilitation and analgesic gymnastic. It is used for strengthening and maintenance motor activities, within the Pilates method, and for functional and athletic training. Gymnic offers many other items for balance, stability and correct posture.

  • Extra-large verison of the Gymnic Ball
  • Suggest for group activities, due to its considerable size
  • Can be used for specific physiotherapy and motor skils
  • Size: 34" (85cm)
  • Specially constructed to be burst-resistant, the air in the ball will release slowly in the event of a puncture making this an especially safe ball
  • Made of super strong, latex-free vinyl
  • Promotes body coordination and balance
  • Product compliant with the 93/42/CEE regulation for Class I Medical Devices
  • Phthalate & BPA Free
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  • Ideal for those who have coordination and balance difficulties, for disabled people, for elderly people, and also for nursery schools
  • Made of super strong, latex-free vinyl
  • Phthalate Free
  • Warning! For body weight only. Lifting weights while using product may cause injuries to the user
  • Designed for group or individual training
  • Textured surface design allows for an easy grip
  • Use different weights to work on strength, endurance, speed or technique
  • Soft vinyl material will not damage surface if dropped
  • Pre-filled with water
  • Size/weight: 9"(23CM)/11lbs (5kg)