At KETTLER, big fun comes on three wheels equipped with many unique and patented features. Kids tricycles roll fun, exercise and learning into one experience. A German-made Kettrike® is perfectly designed according to the children's anatomic roadmap of motor skills. Invigorating solutions are typical for KETTLER, and it shows on both our Kettrike® and Kiddi-o® tricycle lines. Our patented Quik-Adjust® frame, patented Auto-Freewheel® mechanism and Parental Control System® all guarantee the highest level of utility and safety. Kid-proof engineering demonstrates that a low center of gravity combined with our KETTLER exclusive patented features and exceptional manufacturing give our children's trikes the utmost safety and quality. Each Kettrike® and Kiddi-o® tricycle is cleverly designed with a patented limited turn radius of 90 degrees which offers freedom in play, but at the same time reduces the chance of tipping over. Children don't know it's good for them, they just know it's fun.



  • Tricycles
  • Accessories
  • Sturdy blow molded resin
  • Oversized footrest
  • Quick
  • Slip resistant platform
  • Use on Freewheel Trikes only
  • 3 Point adjustable harness
  • Durable nylon straps
  • Keeps child securely seated
  • Easy snap on assembly
  • Velcro straps to secure feet
  • Promotes proper foot position
  • Great for beginning riders
  • Durable resin material
  • 2-piece detachable pushbar
  • Chrome plated
  • This pushbar fits on the Go Green