Outdoor play with kids toys provides opportunities for a wide variety of fun. Whether playing with friends, family or by themselves, children can learn how to enjoy fresh air, warm sun and blue skies. Giant chess and checker sets bring strategic games to life and are fun for all players. Outdoor play toys encourage your child to exercise, create and learn. Whether they are going for a ride on KETTLER wagons and see-saws or hauling their toys in a KETTLER kids wheelbarrow, outdoor play toys give children a sense of independence, adventure and confidence while learning the skills of pushing, pulling, rolling and turning. Foot to floor models bring playtime to life with unique features that are real working fun.Diggers and tractors transform your child's sandbox into a fun filled construction zone adventure. Outdoor play is the doorway to letting your child's imagination take over and be more creative. At the end of the day, it's also a known fact that children who play outdoors have a more restful sleep.

  • (1) 11.8 inch Skittle Pin
  • (8) 10 inch Skittle Pin
  • (1) Red 79mm Ball
  • (1) Blue 79mm Ball
  • Plastic Carry Case
  • Ergonomically design body positioning, whether used for deep snow of smooth hillsides
  • Very fast on packed snow thanks to the narrow running surfaces
  • Two independent metal brakes serve as the steering system and offer improved control
  • Ergonomic seat with taller back support
  • Anti-slip panels in the foot rest area
  • Durable tow belt for transport and added security
  • Made of high-quality, cold and fade resistant resin material
  • No assembly required for immediate sledding fun
  • (4) 25" Wooden Mallets
  • (4) 70mm solid plastic balls
  • (2) Pegs
  • (10) Metal Wickets
  • Official Playing Instructions
  • Convenient storage cart on wheels
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  • (8) 3.5" (90mm) agglomerate wood lacquered balls
  • (1) 40mm Jack Ball
  • Official Rules
  • Convenient storage box with handle