For over 40 years KETTLER has been a leading consumer brand of choice in bicycles and bicycle accessories. Our products are filled with innovative features and traditional values. You can take comfort in knowing that KETTLER bicycle products are thoroughly engineered for high performance and have been successfully tested under the stringent global quality & safety standards.



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  • Used with the KETTLER Spezi Bike Lifter allowing use on ceilings of 10 feet and higher
  • Extends KETTLER Spezi Bike Lifter line from 26' to lengthier 40'
  • Flexible, strong, easy to knot, shock absorbent nylon construction is also abrasion resistant
  • Smooth solid braided construction is ideal for use with pulley systems
  • Will not rot or mildew
  • Tensile strength: 1,150 lbs
  • Safe load:155 lbs
  • 40' length, 1/4" diameter