Enhance your outdoor and indoor table tennis experience with table tennis accessories. With a combination of high-quality materials, professional sport technology and modern design, we have succeeded in producing a series of table tennis accessories covering the needs of every type of player. From our table tennis paddles to our table tennis balls, KETTLER products make the sport more fun and exciting with quality materials and design. Use one of our ping pong table covers when the table is not in use to prolong its life, protect it from the outdoor elements or keep it dust-free indoors. Our newest innovative accessory is our outdoor table tennis racquet constructed of resin. The air channel high performance core ensures exceptional play characteristics. A KETTLER conversion top can quickly turn a billiard table into a table tennis table with minimal investment and space. We also carry replacement nets for indoor and outdoor table tennis tables and player sets of table tennis paddles and balls.


The GT 45 is a pre-assembled racquet featuring a performance rubber-sponge combination with specialized gluing for true playing characteristics. As an introductory recreational level model this racquet is ideal for beginners. This racquet's 2mm sponge, anatomic handle, and 5 ply shakehand design allow for maximum control of the ball with reduced speed and spin to help less trained players perform defensive maneuvers while still enjoying true play characteristics.

  • Speed:20% Spin: 40% Control: 90%

The GT 55 recreational level pre-assembled racquet is an ideal choice for the more experienced beginner. With a 1.5 mm sponge, a concave handle-ergo grip, and 5 ply shakehand design, the racquet allows for increased speed and spin. The ergo grip allows the player a closer grip contact for better feeling and power. Advanced beginners will find with the GT 55 racquet that the moderate speed and spin performance enables advanced top spin strokes as well as defensive actions.

  • Speed:40% Spin: 50% Control: 70%
  • High quality, 70" wide nylon mesh net
  • Fits all KETTLER® table tennis models
  • Net slides on to existing posts for quick and easy installation
  • Tension adjuster tabs included
  • Net posts not included
  • (2) GT 45 Racquets
  • (1) 6 packs of KETTLER 1 Star orange tournament size balls

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