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  • Some say sitting is the new smoking. Day after day, we slouch in chairs (that rarely fit us), hunched over with eyes squinting at screens. Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a stand-up or treadmill desk, chances are your 9-5 job is damaging your health.

    It’s hard news to hear when there’s little we can do to stop it – most of us don’t have the luxury of quitting our jobs in exchange for daily yoga sessions and runs on the beach.

    That’s why we get excited at the mention of fitness balls at work. These fun, often brightly-colored gadgets can have a significant impact on your posture, overall fitness level, mental health, and happiness.

    Here are a few benefits that come from using a fitness ball as your chair (for at least part of the day) at work.

    Better balance. The unstable surface will constantly challenge your body to stay upright and straight, keeping your muscles working all day long.

    It’ll also challenge your abs…

    Sitting on an exercise ball is the ultimate “passive” ab workout. To stay on an exercise ball all day, your core will have to remain engaged. Work toward the 6-pack you’ve been aspiring to without having to leave your chair.

    Energy and fun. If hanging out on a bright purple fitness ball all day doesn’t perk you up, we’re not sure we have the cure for what ails you. All kidding aside, keeping your muscles active all day can give you significantly more energy and drive, improving your health and performance at work.

    With an exercise ball at your side, you can sneak in workouts. Come to a good stopping point with that report? Now’s the perfect time to try this 15-minute ball workout.

    Are you ready to give the most fun chair a try? KETTLER USA has a wide selection of different exercise ball products to choose from. Too shy? More discreet gadgets like Movin' Sit, an inflatable wedge cushion that perfects your posture, might be more your speed.

    We recommend everyone try sitting on an exercise ball at work at least once – and not just for a day, but for 5-10. It can take a while to get used to keeping muscles engaged that you’re used to letting slump.

    If you’re not ready to commit, ask a friend or a co-worker to borrow theirs for a day. We’re confident you’ll feel and love the difference this fun, affordable, and healthy gadget can make in your life.

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  • Stuck in a fitness slump? Or maybe you’re making it a New Year’s Resolution to mix up your workout routine in 2016. No matter your reasons, incorporating new exercises into your life can have momentous effects.

    Our current favorite way to create a balanced workout routine: improve your balance, posture, and coordination with innovative and fun products by Gymnic.

    Gymnic creates fitness gear with humans, who love crazy designs and sturdy materials, in mind. Their brightly colored and comfortable equipment helps you gain muscle strength and flexibility in ways that feel natural.

    Here are a few of our favorite Gymnic products, with tips for how to incorporate them into a varied and exciting workout routine that will never stop keeping your muscles guessing.

    Movin' Step your way to better health. Low impact cardiovascular training helps your heart, and decreases the risk of serious damage to your joints. Plus, it offers an intense workout that can help you feel and live better, as well as shed off unwanted pounds. Movin’ Step is compact, adjustable, and comes with an exercise brochure outlining the ways you can use it to work out.

    Fitness balls like the Megaball 180 are fun and super effective. Too much time on the treadmill or in the weight room can be boring. Stay pumped up by mixing in these 20 fun stability ball exercises a few times a week. Basic exercises get ten times harder on an unstable surface. It’s the ultimate fitness challenge.

    Basketball, soccer, skiing, golfing…it all comes from the core. Sharpen your core muscles and you’re on the fast track to taking your health to a whole new level. Products like Core Balance help you strengthen your core in a unique, targeted way, perform physical therapy, and work every muscle in your body – from improving balance and coordination, to increasing your flexibility.

    Work out while you’re sitting with Sit'n Gym. Imagine finding a way to incorporate exercise into the 8-10 hours a day you spend at work! That’s the goal of Sit’n Gym, a reimaged exercise ball chair with feet to prevent rolling (and a special formula that stops the ball from bursting). Make those hours count for more than crossing items off your to-do list – make them part of your journey toward overall health and wellbeing!

    Mix up your lifting with water-filled weights! Heavy Med 500 helps you incorporate strength training into your routine effectively and safely in group or individual training. With an easy to use grip, these weights will work and exponentially improve your strength, endurance, and speed.

    The best part: Gymnic gadgets aren’t limited to adults. Inspire your kids with wacky, healthy toys like Gymnic’s Hop. Fitness should be fun – and for the whole family.

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  • Any regular gym-goer can tell you that the cardio room is usually busier than the weight room. A lot of people think intense sweating and heavy breathing make for a better work out, but that isn’t always the case. Strength training, a form of exercise involving working specific muscles in a strategic way (generally through weight lifting) has some serious benefits to consider.

    From improving your appearance and posture, to relieving symptoms of diseases and helping you excel at your favorite sports, here are a few of our favorite reasons why strength training is for everyone.

    1. Strength training can prevent injury. Working and strengthening muscles around injured areas can help them heal exponentially faster.

    2. It makes you look better. It’s pretty much universally accepted that fit, tone people are attractive. Cardio can help you reach your target weight, but it’s strength training that gives you a defined, toned, and overall fit look.

    3. It improves your posture. Strong neck, back, and abdominal muscles help you sit straighter and healthier. You might notice significantly less pain in your back once you start strength training.

    4. It can relieve symptoms of diseases. Regular strength training can help reduce the symptoms of depression, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more.

    5. It’s good for your bones and muscles mass. Experts say you lose 1% of your bone and muscle strength every year after puberty. Strength training can play a big role in halting that loss.

    6. It helps you age gracefully. Strength training alleviates the symptoms of many diseases people face as they grow older.

    7. It makes you happier. Fit and active people tend to sway on the happier side of the scale. Plus, intense regular weight training is a mental exercise as well as a physical one, requiring focus, commitment, and strategy.

    8. It improves your performance in other activities. Strength training gives you extra energy and strengthens muscles that can help you swim, run, or play sports better.

    9. Your sleep will improve. Regular exercise helps many people relax and sleep better, improving their overall heath.

    You’ve gotten into a groove with your treadmill or spin class, but don’t forget to devote some time to strength training too. The benefits outlined above make it clear that strength training is essential to living your healthiest, happiest, and most vibrant life. Get started today – your body will thank you.

    Ready to start strength training? Here are a few tips for how to get started with strength training in a way that works for you.


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  • Nothing hurts a fitness plan like boredom. Sure, daily jogs and the reliable weight-training program you’ve memorized are great for you – but cross training with a variety of workout routines and exercises is always better.

    Keeping your muscles guessing not only makes them stronger, but also keeps monotony at bay.

    Need help incorporating variety into your regime? We’ve got a few tips to mix up your workout routine in a healthy, fun way.

    Think strategically when gym searching. The quality of the equipment matters in a gym, but so does the quality (and quantity) of the fitness classes they offer. Gyms that offer free classes at convenient times make it easier to get and stay healthy. Try out anything that looks interesting, and definitely take a whirl at anything that scares you a little – it’s how we grow!

    Look at independent studios. Pure Barre, Bikram Yoga, Crossfit. Lots of innovative fitness routines are popping up every day. Download the app MINDBODY, and check out the fitness programs and boutique studios closest to you. Aerial arts, barre, or hot yoga could be the perfect supplement to your routine. Plus, you might discover a new fitness passion.

    Explore YouTube workouts. There are tons of effective workouts online, and the awesome thing about many of these workouts is that they don’t require any equipment – meaning you can try something new without having to make a financial investment. Remember: listen to your body and stop if anything feels wrong. Just because a workout is online doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

    Tag along. Do you have a friend who’s an avid swimmer? Know someone who religiously SoulCycles? Ask them if you can join them on their next fitness venture. When you exercise with friends, they can introduce you to things you might have never tried on your own.

    Roam the great outdoors. Most of us work and exercise inside – heading outdoors for a workout can be a nice change. Map a scenic route by your neighborhood, or head to a local trail to explore. With epic views and scenery, you won’t even realize you’re burning calories!

    The beginning of the year is a time of renewal. Take 2016 by storm by vowing to have more fun with fitness this year. With unlimited access to all kinds of sweat-inducing exercises online, in the gym, and in fitness boutiques, there’s no reason to get stuck in a rut on the treadmill.

    Now go explore!

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  • When you hear the word “yoga,” skinny women in spandex contorting their bodies into otherworldly positions might come to mind.

    But yoga is more about personal strength than competition and bikini-related aspirations. Yoga as a practice originated in India, but didn’t gain popularity as a form of physical exercise in the United States until around the 1980s.

    Yoga has taken on various forms in gyms and studios around the world since – from hot, to vinyasa flow, to hatha, to power.

    One common thread across all types of yoga is the focus on building a calm, mindful, and happier existence.

    Yoga, in one of its many forms, can benefit and be practiced by everyone.

    Here are a few reasons why you should make it part of your routine. You’ll be saying “Namaste” before you know it.

    1. Greater flexibility. There are few exercises that offer flexibility benefits like yoga. In fact, the entire practice will improve your overall mobility and flow. People often think you have to already be flexible to practice yoga, but there are modifications for every pose. Working at your own pace is encouraged.

    2. Increased strength. Yoga is about more than seeing how far you can reach past your toes. Held poses strengthen your arms, butt, legs, and core. Need convincing? Here are 10 fantastic yoga poses for strength.

    3. Balance and humility. Moves like the tree pose test your awareness, focus, and stability, but yoga also teaches a different kind of balance – listening to your body and not pushing yourself too hard. If you’re wrapped up in performing like a rock star, you’ll struggle.

    4. Inner peace. The focus and calm in yoga puts life in perspective and silences busy minds. Use the 45-90 minutes to focus completely on doing something undeniably good for your body, soul, and mind. You’ll see – the mental and emotional benefits are just as inspiring as the physical.

    Everyone can benefit from having a yoga practice in their life – even if it’s sitting silently on a mat before work and meditating. In a world where we’re constantly tuned it, yoga is more vital than it’s ever been.

    Find a studio in your neck of the woods and give yourself two to three classes to let the benefits and calm soak in. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” - Bhagavad Gita. The most important reason to add yoga to your routine: it can change your life.