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  • Everything is better with your best friend. There are numerous reasons why people who work out in pairs tend to work out harder and longer. 1) You have someone to hold you accountable. 2) You have someone to motivate you in the midst of your hardest sets, and 3) You’re more likely to work out if it’s fun, and good friends make everything more fun.

    Here are seven of our favorite workouts you can do as a pair. Grab your best buddy, boyfriend, sibling, parent, or any other pal of your choosing – make a vow to help each other strive for better health this year. It’s the best way to show you care.

    1) Push up high-fives. Do push-ups head to head about an arms distance apart. When you pull yourself back up to the top, pause and extend your arms, high fiving before moving back down to another push-up.

    2) Clapping planks. In the same position head to head about an arms distance apart, come up into a plank. Remember to keep your legs straight and your abs tight. This move should be coming from your core. Touch your partner’s left shoulder with your right hand. Alternate 10-15 times.

    3) Explore local neighborhoods. Have the two of you been dying to try the new Thai place about three miles down the road? Meet at one of your houses and take a jog, run, or power walk to the restaurant. Scrumptious and healthy food is a great motivator – and will give you plenty of time to catch up with your friend.

    4) Netflix and sweat. Have fitness machines or gadgets at home? Set up a TV in front of your workout station and enjoy binge-watching Pretty Little Liars or The Man in the High Castle while you get stronger and fitter.

    5) Use a medicine ball. You can get a full-body workout with weighted medicine balls – and having a partner can take it to a new level! Here are some of our favorite partner medicine ball exercises.

    6) "Superman wrestle." Lie facing your partner facedown on the ground, palms touching. Lift your legs and arms (and torso, if you can) into the air, focusing on lifting them with your lower back and butt muscles. Hold for 10-15 seconds.

    7) The body-weight squat. Hold onto your friend’s forearms while standing arms length apart, both of you with feet a bit wider than hip-width apart. Squat down at the same time and then hold. Repeat 10-15 times.

    Friends can be great motivators or great enablers – be the latter. With these seven fun workout ideas and exercises, you and the partner of your choice can laugh your way to healthier minds, spirits, and bodies. It’s always better as a duo.

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  • With snowy roads, an icy windshield, and low temperatures, there are times when it’s simply too cold to leave the house to exercise.

    But being stuck all day without moving farther than the distance between the couch and the kitchen isn’t great for your health or happiness.

    Everyone should have a few workout “tricks,” aka exercises that don’t require leaving the house, up their sleeve for inevitable poor weather conditions.

    You’ll be surprised how hard these seemingly simple exercises are – you might find them even more effective than the regular workouts you do at the gym!

    1. Squats and lunges

    Move to the longest room in your house/apartment for this. Step across the room through alternating lunges. When you reach the other side, turn around and repeat. Follow this set of lunges with a set of ten squats, before beginning your lunge rotation across the room again. Do four total sets of lunges and four total sets of squats.

    2. Free weights

    It’s imperative to have a set of free weights on hand in your house. They’re affordable, easy to use, and effective. One option is Gymnic's Heavymed 500 – these colorful weights are pre-filled with water! As far as how to use your free weights, here are 5 upper body exercises with free weights, and a basic whole body free weight workout for beginners. Free weights give you tons of options for getting a tough workout.

    3. Jump rope!

    This workout will take you back to your childhood, get your heart racing, and work your legs to the maximum. Try this ten-minute jump rope workout to tone your upper body and legs.

    4. Push ups and sits ups.

    Listen to your favorite upbeat music while rotating between sets of different types of push ups and sit ups. Have an exercise ball handy? Make these moves even more challenging with its unstable surface.

    5. Have a dance party.

    This one’s our favorite: break out your loudest tunes and show off your craziest moves (even better if you have a friend or significant other join you). You’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn having this much fun without leaving the house.

    Bad weather makes you only as lazy as you let it. Enjoy your favorite TV shows and warm beverages on snow days, but don’t forget to stay active. Icy roads aren’t an excuse to forget your fitness goals. We promise these five fun exercises will make you sweaty and proud – with a smile on your face!


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  • Some say sitting is the new smoking. Day after day, we slouch in chairs (that rarely fit us), hunched over with eyes squinting at screens. Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a stand-up or treadmill desk, chances are your 9-5 job is damaging your health.

    It’s hard news to hear when there’s little we can do to stop it – most of us don’t have the luxury of quitting our jobs in exchange for daily yoga sessions and runs on the beach.

    That’s why we get excited at the mention of fitness balls at work. These fun, often brightly-colored gadgets can have a significant impact on your posture, overall fitness level, mental health, and happiness.

    Here are a few benefits that come from using a fitness ball as your chair (for at least part of the day) at work.

    Better balance. The unstable surface will constantly challenge your body to stay upright and straight, keeping your muscles working all day long.

    It’ll also challenge your abs…

    Sitting on an exercise ball is the ultimate “passive” ab workout. To stay on an exercise ball all day, your core will have to remain engaged. Work toward the 6-pack you’ve been aspiring to without having to leave your chair.

    Energy and fun. If hanging out on a bright purple fitness ball all day doesn’t perk you up, we’re not sure we have the cure for what ails you. All kidding aside, keeping your muscles active all day can give you significantly more energy and drive, improving your health and performance at work.

    With an exercise ball at your side, you can sneak in workouts. Come to a good stopping point with that report? Now’s the perfect time to try this 15-minute ball workout.

    Are you ready to give the most fun chair a try? KETTLER USA has a wide selection of different exercise ball products to choose from. Too shy? More discreet gadgets like Movin' Sit, an inflatable wedge cushion that perfects your posture, might be more your speed.

    We recommend everyone try sitting on an exercise ball at work at least once – and not just for a day, but for 5-10. It can take a while to get used to keeping muscles engaged that you’re used to letting slump.

    If you’re not ready to commit, ask a friend or a co-worker to borrow theirs for a day. We’re confident you’ll feel and love the difference this fun, affordable, and healthy gadget can make in your life.

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  • Stuck in a fitness slump? Or maybe you’re making it a New Year’s Resolution to mix up your workout routine in 2016. No matter your reasons, incorporating new exercises into your life can have momentous effects.

    Our current favorite way to create a balanced workout routine: improve your balance, posture, and coordination with innovative and fun products by Gymnic.

    Gymnic creates fitness gear with humans, who love crazy designs and sturdy materials, in mind. Their brightly colored and comfortable equipment helps you gain muscle strength and flexibility in ways that feel natural.

    Here are a few of our favorite Gymnic products, with tips for how to incorporate them into a varied and exciting workout routine that will never stop keeping your muscles guessing.

    Movin' Step your way to better health. Low impact cardiovascular training helps your heart, and decreases the risk of serious damage to your joints. Plus, it offers an intense workout that can help you feel and live better, as well as shed off unwanted pounds. Movin’ Step is compact, adjustable, and comes with an exercise brochure outlining the ways you can use it to work out.

    Fitness balls like the Megaball 180 are fun and super effective. Too much time on the treadmill or in the weight room can be boring. Stay pumped up by mixing in these 20 fun stability ball exercises a few times a week. Basic exercises get ten times harder on an unstable surface. It’s the ultimate fitness challenge.

    Basketball, soccer, skiing, golfing…it all comes from the core. Sharpen your core muscles and you’re on the fast track to taking your health to a whole new level. Products like Core Balance help you strengthen your core in a unique, targeted way, perform physical therapy, and work every muscle in your body – from improving balance and coordination, to increasing your flexibility.

    Work out while you’re sitting with Sit'n Gym. Imagine finding a way to incorporate exercise into the 8-10 hours a day you spend at work! That’s the goal of Sit’n Gym, a reimaged exercise ball chair with feet to prevent rolling (and a special formula that stops the ball from bursting). Make those hours count for more than crossing items off your to-do list – make them part of your journey toward overall health and wellbeing!

    Mix up your lifting with water-filled weights! Heavy Med 500 helps you incorporate strength training into your routine effectively and safely in group or individual training. With an easy to use grip, these weights will work and exponentially improve your strength, endurance, and speed.

    The best part: Gymnic gadgets aren’t limited to adults. Inspire your kids with wacky, healthy toys like Gymnic’s Hop. Fitness should be fun – and for the whole family.