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  • Making sure your kids grow up healthy and fit is every parent’s top priority. As important as encouraging active healthy behavior is, finding a balance between work, family, school, and physical activity can be tough. Setting a healthy example and getting kids excited about getting active is a good place to start. Here are some tips and fun ways to engage your kids in physical activity.

    Bike Ride

    Bike rides can be relaxing and also a great strengthening and aerobic workout. Riding a bike works all the major muscles groups of the body.

    At KETTLER we make bicycles of all types and sizes to best suit each member of your family.


    Weekly Sports Nights

    Whether it’s Tuesday night or Sunday afternoon, get the whole family in the backyard or at a neighborhood park for a ball game. Take turns choosing what sport or game to play that week. From soccer to table tennis, you’ll get a good workout in and make lasting memories with your family.


    Charity Runs

    Give back to community while getting active. Team up with your children for a fundraising race. Walk or run races and have fun training with fitness games and challenges in the weeks before an event. Children will enjoy seeing their progress from race to race and earning medals and certificates.


    Family Fitness Classes

    Swimming, biking, canoeing and hiking are great in the summer and into the early fall, while sledding, ice skating, building a snowman or skiing are winter fun. Depending on the season find fun mini adventures your family can plan and look forward to. Many gyms and community centers offer family fitness classes designed for parents and children. Or create your own backyard regiment on the swing set or in the grass.


    Even chores around the house or something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood can be turned into fun games and a chance to get active, even if only for a few minutes. Nature walks are great in any season. For fall make a game out of catching leaves on a windy day - see who can catch the red, yellow, and green leaves. Let the kids help out in the yard by having them rake the leaves into piles – then have fun jumping in them or taking turns covering one another in leaves. 

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  • Now that summer is officially here it is important to take a few extra precautions when enjoying your patio or playground. Here are a few options to protect you and your family from bugs and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

    Lanterns – UV light traps or other lanterns attract and kill a number of irritating insects, including mosquitoes.  These devices come in a range of sizes and styles to best suit your environment and needs. Lanterns are an easy way to rid your patio area of bugs without using a chemical repellent.

    Citronella Oil – Burning citronella candles or torches on summer nights can also help repel mosquitos away from your patio area. Citronella oil is an all-natural insect repellent and is non-toxic to humans and animals. Burning citronella oil will not only help to keep away mosquitoes and other insects but is a safe option that will look nice when lighting when up your patio.

    Bug spray – Chemical insect repellent sprays continue to be a popular and effective way to prevent bug bites and deter mosquitoes while enjoying the outdoors. When using insect repellents keep in mind the following:

    Always read instructions, apply accordingly, and only as often as recommended.

    Do not use any repellent that has not been approved by the EPA.

    Do not apply to mouth, eyes, cuts, or sunburned skin.

    Wash off repellent when you go inside.

    Spray repellents in open areas to avoid breathing them in.

    Never use insect repellant on children younger than 2 months.

    Additional guidelines when using insect repellants.       


    Natural Repellants – There are many other natural replants available for those who are wary of using chemical sprays. When applied thoroughly these natural substances can be just as effective in protecting against bugs:

    Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

    Cinnamon Oil

    Rosemary Oil

    Castor Oil

    Peppermint Oil

    Lemongrass Oil

    Other simple ways to repel mosquitos and other bugs include:

    Avoid wearing dark colored clothing.

    Eliminate any standing water around your home.

    Avoid wearing floral fragrances, hair products, or scented sunscreens.

    Wear loose fitting clothing.

    Grow plants with insect repelling qualities such as rosemary, basil, horsemint, lemon balm and rose geraniums.


    Sun protection - Seeking shade from an umbrella, tree, gazebo, or any other area is a refreshing way to limit your exposure to the sun. Umbrellas and other shade makers let you enjoy your patio and the fresh air without worrying about potential skin damage. When you or your children are going to be in direct sun for any amount of time applying sunscreen is the easiest and most common way to protect against harmful UV rays. Always read the labels when choosing a sunscreen and look for ones with broad spectrum protection. Sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30 or higher is recommended by the American Cancer Society. Apply sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before exposure to allow the skin to absorb it and reapply every two hours. Sunscreens are available in many forms such as lotions, creams, ointments, sprays as well as in waterproof varieties.

    More tips for sun safety:

    Wear sunglasses with UV protection.

    Encourage children to play in the shade, wear protective clothing and reapply sunscreen regularly.

    Use cosmetic products that offered added UV protection.

    Wear a wide brimmed hat.

    Limit direct exposure to sun during 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (peak UV radiation hours). 

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  • Your favorite summer holiday is approaching – happy Fourth of July! Fourth of July is a fantastic time to celebrate freedom, family, friends, and all of our fortunes, all while enjoying delicious homemade food in the backyard.

    Many people host backyard parties or barbeques on the Fourth of July. With dozens of close friends coming over and grilling wonderful food, you want your patio space to add to the festive ambiance. Below are a few tips for creating a one of a kind space for your Fourth of July party this year.

    - Do basic cleaning and maintenance. Have you cleaned your patio yet this summer? If not, take this opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of your patio space. Remove all of the furniture before you begin. Start by sweeping away all outdoor debris and leaves. Then hose the area down with a light detergent and water.

    - Invest in some festive decorations. Nothing says the Fourth of July like red, white and blue streamers, candles or lights. There are many options when it comes to purchasing Fourth of July decorations, but you can also make your own, from holiday placemats, to American flag candles, to bottle centerpieces.

    - Reexamine your layout. Think about the type of gathering you’re planning and whom you’re inviting. What kind of seating would be ideal? You might want to pull in extra chairs, rearrange your seats so they’re scattered into small lounge areas, or maybe even do away with most of your chairs, only leaving a few behind for people who might get tired standing. The options are endless, and you’ll be amazed at the effect seating can have on ambiance.

    - Set up your music. Think strategically about where you’re going to want to set up your speakers, etc. Weren’t planning on having music? Think again! Music is essential to large outdoor gatherings and can turn a casual get-together into a festive party people will be talking about for the rest of the summer.

    Decide on a dining style. How are you planning on serving your guests? Will there be a walk-up buffet style table or will snacks be scattered throughout the patio on small trays? Will you be serving guests individually? There is no right answer – just something to think about as you plan your outdoor gathering.

    Even though we want to help you be the perfect host this Fourth of July – don’t forget to kick back, relax and enjoy the holiday a little bit yourself as well. We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with the love of your close friends and family. What a great way to start the summer season!

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  • Memorial Day is the official kick-off for summertime barbeques and outdoor parties. This weekend might even be the first time you’ve gotten to enjoy your patio all year. Celebrate the long weekend by having a patio get-together. Here are a few tips to throw on awesome Memorial Day party this weekend:


    - Plan your guest list, make sure you have enough space and seating for everyone invited

    - Send out invites

    Clean off your patio. De-clutter, dust off tables and chairs, and clean the grill.

    - Plan your menu and make a shopping list

    - Check the weekend weather.


    - Bring out folding chairs for more seating room.

    - Have an umbrella or canopy to create shaded areas.

    - Clearly label trash and recycle bins.

    - Have sunscreen available for guests.

    - Have a designated area for yard games.

    - Have a summertime playlist picked out for background music.


    - Red, white, and blue napkins, cups, and plates.

    - Use fresh flowers from your garden as centerpieces.

    - Illuminate your patio with hanging lights, paper lanterns, or tiki torches.

    - American flags, streamers, and balloons are all inexpensive ways to liven up your patio for the party.

    Food & Drinks

    - Keep the menu simple and classic – BBQ, hot dogs, and hamburgers are loved by all. Have vegetarian options on hand for anyone who might prefer

    - Have fruit, veggies, potato salad, coleslaw, chips and dip for sides and appetizers.

    - Stock the cooler and bar area with plenty of ice and an array of refreshing adult beverages as well as sodas, water bottles, and lemonade for kids.

    - If possible keep food inside, or under an umbrella to keep out bugs and to keep fresh.

    - Buffet style set-up works best. Have napkins, straws, drinks and condiments at a separate table.

    Relax and enjoy the company of friends and family this Memorial Day weekend with a laid-back patio party!