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  • A racquet or paddle is the most important piece of equipment in a game of table tennis. It’s what controls the speed and spin of the ball when you serve or hit it back to your opponent. Having a quality paddle that feels comfortable in your hand will make a huge difference in your game.


    How They’re Made

    Paddles are typically purchased by the manufacturer, but many serious players and professionals have their paddles custom made.

    Pros of Buying a Pre-Made Paddle

    - Typically cheaper

    - The paddle is already assembled and ready for use

    -  No need to purchase edge tape, glue, or tools for assembling the blade

    - Simpler options when choosing a paddle, if you are not an experienced player yet

    Pros of Buying a Custom Paddle

    - Greater options in rubber choices

    - Blades are categorized so you can choose one that best fits your playing style

    - Higher quality blades

    - As you learn to play and change your style you can change the rubbers

    - Replaceable rubbers let you replace them when they wear down

    - Rubbers can be speed glued

    For those custom making their paddles the first step is choosing a blank blade, or a paddle without rubber, this is usually decided based upon a person’s playing style. The type of wood, or synthetic material used to make the blade will determine its speed. Next a sheet of rubber is glued to a blade using glue made especially for table tennis. The different types of rubber sheets affect the level of speed and spin when you hit the ball.

    Maintaining and protection

    The surface of your table tennis paddle will become smooth and sleek with use. Water and gentle soap can be use on the paddle for cleaning to maintain its high friction service for ball spin. The rubber may be damaged with long exposure in the sun, so for your outdoor table tennis tables be sure to keep your balls and paddles indoors or in a protected place. Or check out KETTLER’s Halo 5.0 Outdoor TT racquet. For a quick fix if rubber begins to peel up, rubber cement or other similar products can be utilized as a temporary way to keep your paddle usable.

    Grip Techniques

    When using your table tennis paddle there are two common grips: the pen grip and the shakehand grip. When using the pen grip you hold the paddle just like you would hold a pen or pencil. For the shakehand grip you place your hand on the paddle's handle as if you were shaking hands with it. While both styles of grip are common, no matter which you decide feels more natural for you always hold the paddle loosely, allowing your wrist to move freely. Many KETTLER racquets featuring concave handle with ergo grip and shock absorber inside the handle to absorb any vibration that may affect play.

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  • Resin furniture is growing in popularity as a mainstay in outdoor furnishings and casual furniture. As people spend more time outdoors, they want comfort and style without sacrificing elegance and durability. Resin is ideal for pool, deck and patio furniture because it has these features and can be molded into ornate or simple patterns on chairs and tables in a variety of colors.

    Weather Resistant

    Resin furniture is water resistant and slightly formal in appearance. It is also resistant to chlorine and salt, which makes it practical for poolside and beachfront decks and patios. Resin is a synthetic plastic material with a rigid molded quality. Although this is a type of plastic, it is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled and lasts longer than metal or wood. It is more elegant than traditional plastic or metal lawn chairs and holds up well in hot and cold climates.


    Consumers like resin outdoor furniture for its durability and the fact that it can be left outside in nearly all types of weather without a lot of extra care and cleaning. Unlike some plastic derivatives or synthetic materials, it is also suitable seating for daily use by adults. When considering resin furniture, look for replaceable feet to extend the life of the furniture.  


    To keep resin outdoor furniture looking fresh, it can be hosed down with water and, for stubborn dirt, wiped with a sponge or microfiber cleaning cloth. It does not rust or fade, so it does not require an additional protective coating or repainting. It does not deteriorate or peel when it comes in contact with suntan oil or falling rain. To keep chairs and other patio furniture dry for quick access, custom covers are often sold as a set or come separately. These covers prevent a wet seat or protect less durable seat cushions from the rain and snow. The custom covers are for comfort and convenience of the user, rather than prolonging life and durability of the outdoor furniture.


    For example, chairs, serving carts, dining tables, end tables and ottomans are also different types of deck and patio furnishings made from this material. They are appropriate for home and commercial use. While not so common for indoor use, these pieces are popular for patios, gardens back yards, decks and cabanas.


    Using different types of resins for different looks and thicknesses, it is used to create different looks. When chairs are paired with seat cushions, they take on a more comfortable and casual look. A neutral color chair can be combined with cushions of various colors to bring a fresh look every few years.  When a tabletop is paired with a metal frame, it becomes more sophisticated.

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  • Routine and proper cleaning is vital to keeping your outdoor patio furniture in top condition.  For best results, clean your outdoor furniture once at the beginning of summer, once at the end, and once more in-between depending on how much it is used. Additional products such as water sealers and varnishes are available for added protection from UV rays, moisture, chipping, and fading. The material your patio furniture is made of will determine the best way to clean and protect it.


    To clean, mix together mild dish detergent and water and wipe down with a dampened cloth. Rinse with clean water afterwards. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners and rough brushers that will scratch and damage the furniture.  Washing aluminum outdoor furniture frequently is important to maintain its natural sheen.


    Use a soft bristle brush dampened with water and a mild oil-based soap to remove any dirt. Afterwards, rinse off with clean water and re-rinse every few weeks to prevent dirt and dust from building up in the crevasses.

    Wrought Iron

    Wipe down wrought iron tables and chairs with a clean cloth dampened with a mixture of water and a mild dish detergent. Rinse with clean water after wipe down. Avoid using chemicals such as ammonia and trisodium phosphate these alkaline cleaners will cause the furniture to rust. Apply a coat of automotive wax for added protection.


    Rub auto paste wax on new resin furniture to keep off dust and dirt. To clean, rub with soapy water and rinse with clean water. For white resin furniture avoid bleach and chlorine, these will deteriorate the material.

    Remember to remove upholstery and cushions before cleaning and let furniture dry completely before use. And avoid pressure washing and using chemically-harsh treatments. Enjoy your patio furniture for years to come by taking good care of it with a few simple cleanings!


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  • What’s more exciting than setting out on the road with a blank slate of a day ahead of you? With possibly only a vague idea of where you’ll head, the possibilities seem endless underneath the bright summer sun on your bike. You’re off to take on and explore the world.

    But a few elements of adventures should never be left to chance – especially when your adventure involves sharing the road with cars, walkers, and other cyclists! Lucky for you, there are all kinds of gadgets that can make your long summer bike rides a breeze, and ensure you’re safe while charting new territory.

    Water bottle cage kit. Hydrating while riding your bike couldn’t be more important. This easy to install water bottle cage kit makes it simple, and the cage will fit any standard water bottle. A tool like this is essential for long bike rides, unless you want to end up feeling dizzy and awful.

    Bike commuter kit. Getting ready to set out on the road and realizing you need way more than your pockets can carry? This bike commuter kit includes a messenger bag full of tools you might need while biking (8 function bike computer, bike chain and lock, etc.), but leaves plenty of room for you to store maps, snacks, sunscreen, and anything else you might need.

    Bike basket. Want easier access to your stuff while biking? A bike basket is a great way to store items that don’t need to be kept secure in your bag. There are options for front or back rattan construction baskets, front classic black baskets, and rear bike baskets.

    A safety flag. You can’t be too careful when traveling on a bike! This safety flag fits most bikes, and offers high visibility with its florescent orange color. You can use this flag to make drivers aware of your presence anytime, but it’s especially useful during evening rides.

    Biking is one of the most satisfying summer activities there is. With a group or flying solo, you can explore new areas, and work up a sweat and new appreciation for the beauty of natural lush landscapes and city streets. And with helpful tools at your side (or in your basket!), biking is all the more easy and safe.

    What are your favorite biking tools that help take your journeys to the next level?