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  • Resin furniture is growing in popularity as a mainstay in outdoor furnishings and casual furniture. As people spend more time outdoors, they want comfort and style without sacrificing elegance and durability. Resin is ideal for pool, deck and patio furniture because it has these features and can be molded into ornate or simple patterns on chairs and tables in a variety of colors.

    Weather Resistant

    Resin furniture is water resistant and slightly formal in appearance. It is also resistant to chlorine and salt, which makes it practical for poolside and beachfront decks and patios. Resin is a synthetic plastic material with a rigid molded quality. Although this is a type of plastic, it is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled and lasts longer than metal or wood. It is more elegant than traditional plastic or metal lawn chairs and holds up well in hot and cold climates.


    Consumers like resin outdoor furniture for its durability and the fact that it can be left outside in nearly all types of weather without a lot of extra care and cleaning. Unlike some plastic derivatives or synthetic materials, it is also suitable seating for daily use by adults. When considering resin furniture, look for replaceable feet to extend the life of the furniture.  


    To keep resin outdoor furniture looking fresh, it can be hosed down with water and, for stubborn dirt, wiped with a sponge or microfiber cleaning cloth. It does not rust or fade, so it does not require an additional protective coating or repainting. It does not deteriorate or peel when it comes in contact with suntan oil or falling rain. To keep chairs and other patio furniture dry for quick access, custom covers are often sold as a set or come separately. These covers prevent a wet seat or protect less durable seat cushions from the rain and snow. The custom covers are for comfort and convenience of the user, rather than prolonging life and durability of the outdoor furniture.


    For example, chairs, serving carts, dining tables, end tables and ottomans are also different types of deck and patio furnishings made from this material. They are appropriate for home and commercial use. While not so common for indoor use, these pieces are popular for patios, gardens back yards, decks and cabanas.


    Using different types of resins for different looks and thicknesses, it is used to create different looks. When chairs are paired with seat cushions, they take on a more comfortable and casual look. A neutral color chair can be combined with cushions of various colors to bring a fresh look every few years.  When a tabletop is paired with a metal frame, it becomes more sophisticated.