• This entry was posted in Fitness on February 05, 2016

  • Stuck in a fitness slump? Or maybe you’re making it a New Year’s Resolution to mix up your workout routine in 2016. No matter your reasons, incorporating new exercises into your life can have momentous effects.

    Our current favorite way to create a balanced workout routine: improve your balance, posture, and coordination with innovative and fun products by Gymnic.

    Gymnic creates fitness gear with humans, who love crazy designs and sturdy materials, in mind. Their brightly colored and comfortable equipment helps you gain muscle strength and flexibility in ways that feel natural.

    Here are a few of our favorite Gymnic products, with tips for how to incorporate them into a varied and exciting workout routine that will never stop keeping your muscles guessing.

    Movin' Step your way to better health. Low impact cardiovascular training helps your heart, and decreases the risk of serious damage to your joints. Plus, it offers an intense workout that can help you feel and live better, as well as shed off unwanted pounds. Movin’ Step is compact, adjustable, and comes with an exercise brochure outlining the ways you can use it to work out.

    Fitness balls like the Megaball 180 are fun and super effective. Too much time on the treadmill or in the weight room can be boring. Stay pumped up by mixing in these 20 fun stability ball exercises a few times a week. Basic exercises get ten times harder on an unstable surface. It’s the ultimate fitness challenge.

    Basketball, soccer, skiing, golfing…it all comes from the core. Sharpen your core muscles and you’re on the fast track to taking your health to a whole new level. Products like Core Balance help you strengthen your core in a unique, targeted way, perform physical therapy, and work every muscle in your body – from improving balance and coordination, to increasing your flexibility.

    Work out while you’re sitting with Sit'n Gym. Imagine finding a way to incorporate exercise into the 8-10 hours a day you spend at work! That’s the goal of Sit’n Gym, a reimaged exercise ball chair with feet to prevent rolling (and a special formula that stops the ball from bursting). Make those hours count for more than crossing items off your to-do list – make them part of your journey toward overall health and wellbeing!

    Mix up your lifting with water-filled weights! Heavy Med 500 helps you incorporate strength training into your routine effectively and safely in group or individual training. With an easy to use grip, these weights will work and exponentially improve your strength, endurance, and speed.

    The best part: Gymnic gadgets aren’t limited to adults. Inspire your kids with wacky, healthy toys like Gymnic’s Hop. Fitness should be fun – and for the whole family.