• This entry was posted in Fitness on March 14, 2016

  • Spring and summer are quickly approaching with outdoor walks, flowers, pool parties and lemonade stands in store. April-August is the time of year everyone looks forward to – when only a light cardigan is needed, when spur of the moment leisurely walks down the block are practical, and when popsicles and frozen yogurt cups become our go to after dinner treats.

    Warmer temperatures also mean it’s time to take our workouts outdoors where our bodies can stretch, strengthen, and explore the lovely landscapes the way they were meant to, no longer covered in snow.

    Here are a few of the vast health benefits that come from exercising outside (as long as you’re wearing sunscreen that is!)

    You’re more likely to stick with a routine. Exercising outside is infinitely more entertaining than logging hours on the treadmill. When you can try new trails every day and stroll through streets with lovely historic houses, fitness becomes less about work and more about fun and sightseeing.

    The benefits of exercise will make more of an impact. Being in top-notch shape means less when you’re covered in thick sweaters and scarves than it does when you’re wearing a swimsuit. Warm weather gives you a greater incentive to work out, as we all want to feel confident and attractive around this time of year.

    Vitamin D! Vitamin D, which can help prevent heart attacks, cancer, and depression, is difficult to get. One surefire way is to soak up 10-15 minutes of sunshine a day.

    Nature can ease stress. Did you know that certain spring scents are proven to significantly reduce the stress of everyday life? Studies show these scents can do everything from decrease depression to prevent insomnia.

    Improve creativity and focus. Studies show that exercising outdoors can have positive effects on our brains as well as our bodies. Stuck on a tough problem at work? A quick power walk could be just what you need to relax, strategize, and think outside of the box. Spending time outdoors can put things into perspective and help you see your problems in a new light.

    You might think sundresses and beach chairs when you think of warm weather, but one of the greatest benefits that comes from the changing seasons is the opportunity to exercise in the ultimate environment, away from mundane distractions and stress. Celebrate spring and summer this year by heading outdoors for your exercise. Outdoor fitness can emotionally, physically, and mentally regenerate you, while invoking a spirit of carefree adventure.

    Remember when you were a kid and spring and summer were the best time of year? Recapture that energy and reap outdoor exercise’s many benefits.