• This entry was posted in Patio on May 11, 2016

  • Crisp summer air, yummy meals on the grill, and good company are three of our favorite things...but it takes more than these to plan an awesome outdoor shindig.

    Here are four tips for planning an outdoor party that will last into the wee hours of the night (if that’s what you’re hoping for!).

    1. Variety in food. Your goal should be to have something for everyone, from vegetarians, to strict healthy eaters, to those who are planning on indulging. Small servings of lots of different types of food allow your guests to experiment and try everything, fostering an air of adventure at your outdoor gathering. A few ideas:

    Filling, savory, and satisfying, these stuffed mushrooms are a classic crowd pleaser.

    Burger sliders will turn heads. Try them with different types of cheeses, from the classic to the offbeat, like orange cheddar, gouda, aged Irish cheddar, and for the adventurous, shropshire blue.

    Dainty and refreshing, these herbed cucumber bites taste like spring and aren’t too gluttonous.

    Psst:  A variety in drinks matters too! Have the materials ready for a few mixed drinks, along with a few different types of wine and beer. And definitely have soda and fruit juice on hand for those who aren’t drinking.

    2. Games galore! In case conversation stalls and you can tell boredom is approaching, have a few fun games up your sleeve to entertain your guests with. Some of our favorites:

    Cornhole. It’s timeless, simple, and enjoyable for all ages.

    Card games. Have card sets scattered around the patio area in case anyone is interested in striking up a game.

    Outdoor table tennis. There’s no better way to break the ice than some friendly competition.

    3. The right people. If you’re hosting a huge event, invite who you want and folks will most likely get along and have fun no matter what. But for smaller events, make sure you’re inviting people you think will mesh well. And if you’re inviting someone who doesn’t know anyone else in the group, offer to let them bring a friend, and make sure to introduce them to anyone you think they might click with.

    4. A clean and organized space. Yes, it’s not as fun as the other tips, but it’s probably the most important one. Make sure your party space is clean and removed of stains or other damage. Don’t have a space you’re stoked to show off yet? Here are some tips for creating your perfect outdoor patio area.

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