• This entry was posted in Fitness on January 28, 2016

  • Nothing hurts a fitness plan like boredom. Sure, daily jogs and the reliable weight-training program you’ve memorized are great for you – but cross training with a variety of workout routines and exercises is always better.

    Keeping your muscles guessing not only makes them stronger, but also keeps monotony at bay.

    Need help incorporating variety into your regime? We’ve got a few tips to mix up your workout routine in a healthy, fun way.

    Think strategically when gym searching. The quality of the equipment matters in a gym, but so does the quality (and quantity) of the fitness classes they offer. Gyms that offer free classes at convenient times make it easier to get and stay healthy. Try out anything that looks interesting, and definitely take a whirl at anything that scares you a little – it’s how we grow!

    Look at independent studios. Pure Barre, Bikram Yoga, Crossfit. Lots of innovative fitness routines are popping up every day. Download the app MINDBODY, and check out the fitness programs and boutique studios closest to you. Aerial arts, barre, or hot yoga could be the perfect supplement to your routine. Plus, you might discover a new fitness passion.

    Explore YouTube workouts. There are tons of effective workouts online, and the awesome thing about many of these workouts is that they don’t require any equipment – meaning you can try something new without having to make a financial investment. Remember: listen to your body and stop if anything feels wrong. Just because a workout is online doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

    Tag along. Do you have a friend who’s an avid swimmer? Know someone who religiously SoulCycles? Ask them if you can join them on their next fitness venture. When you exercise with friends, they can introduce you to things you might have never tried on your own.

    Roam the great outdoors. Most of us work and exercise inside – heading outdoors for a workout can be a nice change. Map a scenic route by your neighborhood, or head to a local trail to explore. With epic views and scenery, you won’t even realize you’re burning calories!

    The beginning of the year is a time of renewal. Take 2016 by storm by vowing to have more fun with fitness this year. With unlimited access to all kinds of sweat-inducing exercises online, in the gym, and in fitness boutiques, there’s no reason to get stuck in a rut on the treadmill.

    Now go explore!