• This entry was posted in Toys on March 15, 2016

  • “Play” and “purpose” don’t get strung together in sentences often, but they should. Active play can nourish social skills, improve focus, and help kids learn how to manage stress from an early age. These aren’t benefits we should take lightly.

    Not all play and not all toys are created equal. Play should be fun, but there are ways to make it beneficial to your child as well. Here are a few of our favorite toys that can help your child develop strength, skills, mental health, and happiness - gifts we’d all love to bestow on our child.

    Rody Horse. This crazy fun toy (that comes in lots of different colors and styles) by Gymnic can help your child develop coordination, balance, and strength. It can also help with the transition between crawling and walking by serving as a pal your kid can lean on while they’re getting comfortable standing and moving on their own.

    Tricycles. Kids love the feeling of independence. Tricycles give them just that – but without the risks! Tricycles, unlike bikes, are very unlikely to tip over and injure your child. Other benefits that come from riding a tricycle? Strength, balance, and coordination – especially in the lower body.

    Balance bikes. Balance bikes help kids develop the confidence they’ll need to eventually ride a bike. Your kid won’t have to worry about falling or balancing – these bikes help them naturally develop skills and strength that will help them in their fitness later down the road. Balance bikes can prep your child for the transition into learning how to ride a bike.

    A different kind of chair. Teach your child the importance of incorporating health and fitness into their everyday life with this alternative chair (also by Gymnic) that encourages concentration, balance, and proper posture. Your child will love sitting in this active chair when drawing, practicing writing, and doing homework.

    Pedal vehicles. Pedal vehicles can help your child develop strong motor skills and independence all while exploring and having a blast outside. Encourage and nourish your little one’s sense of adventure!

    Play with purpose is the best kind of play. By kicking back, getting silly, and trying new things, your child can play in a way that will help them grow into the kind of happy, healthy, and active adult you want them to be. These are crucial years for developing healthy habits and creativity. The kinds of toys you choose for your child can have a significant impact on their skills, coordination, strength, and overall wellness.