• This entry was posted in Toys on December 16, 2015

  • They’re at that fun age where Christmas and Santa are exciting! Do you have an Elf on the Shelf who keeps a watchful eye on your little one to see if they’ve been naughty or nice? Does your toddler write a letter to Santa asking for gifts for Christmas? Where do you get your gift ideas for giving to your kids and to your family? Here’s a quick list of some great gift ideas to get and surprise your toddler this holiday season!

    Balance Bike

    Your child may not be ready for a full on bike, but they want to be just like their big brother or big sister! So, a balance bike is the perfect fit! It helps teach them how to ride a big bike without the pedaling. It helps your child learn both static and dynamic balance! Plus, it’s more natural for your child to scoot at their age while helping increase their confidence.  While their older siblings are racing around the driveway, they can scoot along at their speed and have just as much fun. Plus, it looks great next to a Christmas tree with a big bow on it!

    Gymnic Rody

    Or a Gyffy, Raffy or hop ball! These fun, colorful and balance-development toys are a great gift for the holidays or even all year round. They help improve your child’s trunk, legs and arm muscles. Plus, the fun and colorful design and “personality” of each character will let your little one have fun for hours. Not only are they great for coordination and balance, they are fun for one to play with or to play together with siblings and bounce around.


    One super creative idea that parents have been implementing is “25 Nights of Books” and they wrap 25 different books for their kids and each night leading up to Christmas, they unwrap a book with their toddler and read it before bed. It’s a fun way to count down to the holiday while getting in some reading. It’s a tradition that can be kept from when they’re babies, all the way up until their teens! Add in some holiday favorites like ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas or The Polar Express – it’s a great way to grow your child’s library and vocabulary.

    Art Easel

    Let their creativity show with an art easel. Whether it has paper and crayons, a chalkboard and chalk, or a whiteboard and markers – having a place to use your imagination and watch their ideas come to life is important. Plus together you can work to practice writing the alphabet, their name, drawing shapes and more. It’s a great educational tool that allows them to have fun!

    While giving and receiving gifts is fun around the holidays, it most definitely is about spending time with your loved ones. Be sure to take some time out from shopping, working and running around to gather with your family and enjoy the holidays!