• This entry was posted in Fitness on May 19, 2016

  • Weights, cardio, gymnastics, Zumba. It’s been repeatedly established that the best way to get results is to mix up your workout routine. Experts recommend trying new activities every once and a while to keep your muscles engaged and guessing.

    Lucky for you, new fitness fads emerge every few months. It’s easy to mix up your workout routine with access to a full schedule of different classes at the gym, private studios, and specialized personal trainers.

    Here are a few exciting fitness fads we think you might fall in love with this summer. Happy exploring!

    Barre. Barre classes involve body weight exercises, moves with small dumbbells, and of course, intense isometric movements at the bar. There are numerous barre studios popping up around the country, from Pure Barre, to barre3, to boutique local studios. Many chain gyms also offer these classes.

    Kettlebell. Less of a fad and more of a fitness staple that people have been reaping the benefits of since the 1700s, kettlebells are one of the most efficient ways to get a full body workout that incorporates some serious strength training. Pro tip: take a few classes or work with a trainer before attempting kettlebell workouts. Technique and form are key if you want to avoid injury.

    Aerial exercise. Who wouldn’t want to fly while getting fit? With an apparatus attached to the ceiling, you can move your body in dance-like motions, increasing your flexibility and strength, and experiencing the ultimate adrenaline rush. Most major cities have studios that offer some form of aerial exercise.

    Orange Theory Fitness. Said to take away all of the anxiety that comes from exercise classes, Orange Theory Fitness is a group circuit training class (or interval training center) that will motivate you, monitor you, and push you into the “Orange Zone.” (It’s a good thing.)

    Hot yoga. Intense, sweaty, and liberating, hot yoga takes many people’s yoga practice to the next level with high temperatures that some say can increase your flexibility and relaxation. Hot yoga is typically offered at specialty yoga studios.

    Fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. And nothing beats the day after “hurts so good” soreness that comes from trying a new activity that your body isn’t used to.

    What are some of your favorite new fitness fads?