• This entry was posted in Patio on May 12, 2016

  • There’s nothing like fire to set an intimate, romantic mood. Nights spent outside on your patio are infinitely more enjoyable when your space is illuminated with candles, torches, or other unconventional lighting methods.

    Below are a few fun ideas for working fire into your backyard and patio space. No matter what lighting you end up going with, remember safety comes first. If you’re going to incorporate fire into your backyard, you’ll need to pay extra attention to being responsible with it.

    Tiki Torches
    Coming in all different kinds of styles, tiki torches set an otherworldly atmosphere and add a touch of adventure to the plainest backyard settings. Although you can purchase tiki torches at most stores that carry outdoor or patio supplies, we think it’s totally doable (and loads of fun) to make your own tiki torches.

    Bottle Torches
    Recycle those old wine bottles into beautiful outdoor lighting with these DIY bottle torches. There are lots of options for customizing these, from using matching high-end wine bottles, to mismatched and quirky bottles with offbeat labels.

    A Fire Pit
    Having a fire pit in your background makes it a great area to hang out in all year long. Relax and chat by the pit during summer evening parties, and curl up with a book in a chair (Make sure it’s fire resistant!) during the winter months with a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Need inspiration? Here are several stunning fire pit designs.

    Classic Candles
    Timeless, elegant, and affordable, candles might be able to offer you the unique lighting you’re looking for. Scatter them among your patio tables for a safe bet. An crafty option: create your own hanging jar lanterns with old jam jars.

    Floating Candles
    This DIY project is the ultimate conversation starter! Create a magical floating candle centerpiece to give your outdoor area a whimsical feel.

    Basket Candles
    Decorate baskets of all kinds with flowers, moss, and candles, creating lovely outdoor decorations that also help light up your space. These lighting baskets can be hung from trees or placed on tables.

    Fire lighting is an easy and not too expensive way to refresh your outdoor space and create a party atmosphere. Still need some furniture to create your dream patio? View our collection at KETTLERUSA.com.