• This entry was posted in Bikes on June 07, 2016

  • Biking is a great way for kids to explore their independence and neighborhoods. There’s nothing better than cruising down an open street with your best pals by your side. And biking builds all kinds of skills we strive to give our kids: teamwork, strength, endurance, and coordination.

    But biking doesn’t come without warnings – in 2013, 98 children under the age of 19 died from bike related injuries. Below are a few tips for keeping your kid safe this summer, while encouraging them to go out, explore, make new friends, and enjoy all the bike fun the warm weather season has to offer.

    Wear a helmet! First and foremost, make sure your kid knows they 100% at all times need to be wearing a helmet when riding a bike. Here are some significant statistics: Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by at least 45 percent, brain injury by 33 percent, facial injury by 27 percent and fatal injury by 29 percent.

    Make sure your kid’s bike fits. 1 to 2 inches should be in between your kid and their bike while they are standing over it. Getting the right fit is really important. Your kid will be more alert and react better to distractions if they’re comfortable.

    Always be watching. Tell your child bike safety is about more than making sure they’re riding safely. It’s about proactively looking out for mistakes other people could be making, and finding ways to avoid potential accidents. They can only really control their own behavior, but they should always be riding defensively, since they can’t guarantee everyone is as careful as them.

    Make sure your kid is seen. We’d recommend advising your kid to never ride at night for a few reasons: 1) tons of crime happens at night, and 2) it’s hard for cars to see them. If they do need to ride at night for some reason though, make sure they’re adorned with colorful clothing that will stand out to drivers in the dark. In addition, reflectors on your kid’s bicycle are required in many states, and they’re essential for nighttime riding safety.

    With these four tips in mind, your kid can have a safe and happy summer enjoying their bikes by themselves and with good friends. Biking riding has so many benefits for young folks – but don’t forget to warn them about the potential dangers and hazards to look out for! Happy riding!