• This entry was posted in Fitness on May 10, 2016

  • Working fitness into your family time is the best of both worlds. Too many of us spend hours a day either sitting at computers or staring at our phone or TV screens. That means little human interaction and too much screen time. Making an effort to enjoy physical activity with family members can significantly improve your overall health.

    Here are a few of our favorite outdoor activities to enjoy with family members or close friends who feel like family. Have fun, get active, and bond with those you love all at once.

    Walking. A suitable activity for all fitness levels, walking can reduce your body fat, help you live longer, reduce stress, and give you a more positive outlook on life. Now these are benefits we can get behind.

    Jump roping. Did you know jump roping can improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone? It’s loads of fun too. Embrace your inner kid and try jump rope games, from water splash and helicopter, to jump rope relay and school.

    Moving on wheels. Remix the traditional family walk with the wheels of your choice: scooters, bikes, or roller skates. Explore the sights of the neighborhood, and mix in a few minutes of slow leisurely strolling to catch up on the happenings of everyone’s days.

    Beach picnic. Cold sparkling grape juice, cold cuts, crackers, and homemade brownies. Sandy legs outstretched in front of a red and white checkered blanket. Beach picnics are the ideal opportunity for families to bond and enjoy a lovely meal together. This activity might not scream, “fitness,” but there are ways to sneak it in: toss a Frisbee between dinner and dessert, go for an evening stroll, or hop in the water if the weather permits it.

    Hiking. Go on an adventure in the wilderness. Exploring hiking trails can reduce depression, improve your sleep quality, and lessen the risk for a variety of diseases.

    One of our favorite parts of the warm weather season is the opportunity to catch a breath, slow down, and enjoy quality time with family members. There’s something in the air during the summer and spring – an itch to experience life to its fullest and grasp every opportunity that comes our way. Embrace your inner adventurer this year with a crew of your favorite people by your side. It just might bring you closer together.