• This entry was posted in Bikes on June 09, 2016

  • There’s nothing more satisfying than getting where you need to go through riding a bike. Offering great exercise and a unique perspective on every route, bikes and living in cities that enable you to ride them can significantly improve your quality of living.

    But not every city is built for bikes yet. Cities without bike lanes or cultures accepting of cyclists sometimes make it seem like the roads are built only for cars.

    Below are a few of the best cities for bike commuters in the United States. If you’re serious about biking your way around, these cities could be a great home for you!

    Washington, DC. Washington DC has the second largest percentage of bike commuters (4.5%) among the largest US cities. Not to mention, the DC area has beautiful views for bike riding! Check out Old Town Alexandria, and Georgetown for fun areas with lots to do.

    Boulder, Colorado. Mountain views don’t get better than this, and world-class bike paths make this the ideal city for the cyclist. Boulder even hosts its own bike share program – Boulder B-cycle.

    Seattle, Washington. Seattle is so in-tune with its cyclists that they’ve installed a bike lane marked off by plastic posts on Second Avenue. Plus, nonprofit Cascade Bicycle Club is making gigantic strides in ensuring motorists who hit cyclists are penalized, and that the road is safe for everyone.

    New York City. With more than 350 new miles of bike lanes created in the last few years, New York City has made more adjustments to become more bike friendly than any other city in the country. Avoid hectic mass transit by exploring the city and all it has to offer on your bicycle.

    San Francisco, CA. Many call San Francisco the most bike friendly city in the country. And with a vibrant cultural and food scene, there are many places to stop off while taking a ride in San Francisco!

    Portland, Oregon. It’s said that 17,000 people commute on bikes in Portland – the highest percentage of any large American city.

    What are your favorite cities for biking? Even if you don’t live in a super bike-friendly area, it’s sometimes fun to fit biking into your vacation. Choose one of the cities above, and cater your vacation around staying active and getting where you need to go all on a bicycle.