• This entry was posted in Fitness on June 02, 2016

  • It’s no secret that active gifts make great gifts. Rather than commonplace items that sit around the house for many holidays to come, active gifts are sure to give that special someone in your life an exciting new experience and a way to take care of themselves.

    What shows you love someone more than opening their eyes to an activity that can help them live a longer, healthier, and more adventurous life? Few gifts top active ones.

    Below are a few suggestions we have for active gifts your dad will love to receive this Father’s Day. No matter what gift you choose, you’ll get bonus points if you choose to spend some quality time with your dad this Father’s Day or maybe even enjoying a healthy activity together, like going for a power walk around the neighborhood, or biking together on a new trail.

    A fitness equipment care kit. Is your dad equipped with a fancy home gym? Give him the gift of a long-lasting workout station with this top-notch fitness equipment care kit, with tools for cleaning and disinfecting equipment, as well as ensuring dad’s treadmill stays properly lubricated. This gift will keep on giving!

    A fancy foam roller. From helping you work harder, to releasing tension, the benefits of foam rolling are endless. Anyone who incorporates strength training into their fitness routine should have a high-quality foam roller ready for use before and/or after workouts. High density with a raised pattern for deeper massages, this foam roller can help take your dad’s training routine to the next level.

    Sling Trainer Pro. Multiple exercises that only require a compact sling and your own body? Yes, please. This Sling Trainer Pro can give your dad an incredible workout without him even having to leave the house. This gadget can be anchored onto the door, ceiling, or wall, and can easily be customized based on your dad’s fitness level. Rubber grips ensure a safe experience.

     Stability Wheel. Almost everyone can have better posture. That’s why we love this stability wheel from Gymnic that improves not only posture, but also balance and muscle tone as well through various training programs.

    Bene-feet mat. Another wellness tool from Gymnic, these mats for feet help boost blood vessels and relax the muscles in your dad’s feet – perfect for nights in front of the TV after long hikes or bike rides!

    Everyone gives ties or gift cards on Father’s Day. Take it up a notch with active, fun, and healthy gifts that your dad can enjoy and use to improve his life on a daily basis. That warrants a thousand “thank yous!”