• This entry was posted in on December 29, 2016

  • A lot of us spent Thanksgiving until now indulging in our favorite treats, takeout meals, and Netflix shows. January (and its inevitable healthier choices) was viewed as a chore in the far-off, distant future.

    But guess what? It’s that time again! Take a few moments before the month ends to pick out your New Year’s Resolution, and formulate a plan for how to make it stick. Here are seven of the most common resolutions, with a few reasons why they might work for you.

    Eat a healthier diet. Thanksgiving and Christmas bring out the worst in us when it comes to healthy eating habits. Cleaning up your diet can help you lose weight, feel better, have more energy, and even have better relationships.

    Be more active and get in shape. Regular exercise substantially improves our ability to handle the stress of everyday life, and view our circumstances with a fresh and positive outlook. Physical and mental health benefits aside, finding and enjoying a physical activity that works for you is also a lot of fun.

    Cut back on alcohol. Excessive drinking increases your risk for all kinds of health issues: high blood pressure, liver disease, stroke, cancer, depression, and more. The list goes on and on.

    Spend more time with your family. The holiday season reminds us how much we enjoy spending time with our loved ones. A goal to share more hours with the people who mean the most to you is unmatched in importance.

    Save more money. Cutting back on the money you spend socializing and eating out at restaurants can significantly pad your bank account (not to mention, improve your health), giving you the funds to try new activities, travel, or check out a new art or fitness class.

    Read more. Some studies show people who read are happiest. Escaping into a story tends to put our problems in prospective. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy curling up with an intriguing mystery novel on a Sunday afternoon?

    Reduce your social media time. Social media can help us stay connected to friends, colleagues, and family members, but the constant news updates and messages can sometimes be too much. Getting less “tuned in” might be a healthy goal for you.

    It can be hard to make major lifestyle changes, but it can also be exciting. Don’t get bummed about what you’re giving up – get pumped about what you’re gaining. This is a chance to create a newer, better, and happier you. Here’s to an outstanding – and renewing – New Year!