• This entry was posted in Toys on March 08, 2016

  • If your child is eight to twelve months old, chances are you’re concerned with when they will start to walk. The first time your child walks is a momentous moment. Be sure to have your camera ready!

    Did you know there are toys and activities you can do with your child (other than merely urging them to walk across the room rather than crawl) that can help smooth and speed up the transition from crawling to walking?

    Improving your child’s balance and coordination is key to helping them learn how to walk. Here are a few toys you can incorporate into their play routine to help them reach this milestone with ease.

    This high quality 6-in-1 trike lets your child face forward or backwards. Trikes help work your kid’s motor skills, strengthen their legs, and give them confidence.

    Pedal cars make children feel self-sufficient, imitating their parents driving them to pre-school or a friend’s house. These toy cars are also great for giving your child the skills he/she needs to transition from crawling to standing up and walking.

    The ideal toy for improving strength in the lower body, Rody Horse Max functions as a cozy animal friend as well as a fitness tool. Your boy or girl will build strength in their legs and improve their balance all while playing with their brightly colored horse pal.

    The Uber-Zoomer allows your child to stand up and move forward with safety and support until they’re ready to venture out on their own. An extended front wheelbase stops the gadget from tipping over, and wide handgrips and footrest tabs ensure maximum safety and fun while your little one is giving walking a try.

    My Activity Ride-On lets your child practice moving in a safe way, helps strengthen their lower body, and even improves their fine motor skills as an added benefit, with fun features to pull and press at the front of the machine.

    It can be helpful to incorporate toys and movements that replicate walking into your child’s play routine, but remember not to rush the transition from crawling to walking. Enjoy each life stage as it comes, take lots of photos, and savor this special time you have with your little one – these are the days you’ll miss in a decade.