• This entry was posted in Toys on March 10, 2016

  • Early childhood is an essential time for developing the physical skills needed to succeed in the world. Let kids be kids, but don’t forget that the toys you choose for them can have a significant impact on the skills they develop.

    Your child's motor skills involve their brain, muscles, and nervous system collaborating to create movement. Small movements like picking things up are fine motor skills. Larger movements like sitting and anything that involves a wider range of motion are called gross motor skills.


    Toys can help your kid develop and improve both. Here are five of our favorite toys for helping your child improve his/her fine and gross motor skills and have fun in the process.


    Scooter. Moving forward on a scooter requires large motions with your child’s legs. Steering with the handle grips can improve his/her fine motor skills as well. Scooters are a classic for a reason – they’re fun, easy to use, and can give your child a feeling of independence. Plus, you can set up this scooter with zero tools required. That’s a parenting win for sure.

    Balance bike. Bikes not only improve your child’s gross motor skills by working the muscles in his/her legs, but they can improve posture, balance, and coordination as well.

    Trike. Trikes provide the same benefits as bikes at an easier level for younger kids. This Top Trike Air Starlet can help your kid work on their motor skills at their own pace – and the parent lock on this trike ensures they won’t go off exploring without you!

    Hop! Gymnic creates fun fitness tools for improving coordination in kids and adults alike, and Hop is no exception. This gadget, with a soft one piece looped handle for safety, helps your kid work on their balance, strength, and coordination – all while feeling like they’re just playing around.

    Gym rings. These colorful toy rings are ideal for helping your kid with their fine motor skills. They can be used for a variety of activities in and outside the pool.


    The types of toys your child plays with matter more than you might think. With a little strategic planning on your part, your kid can enjoy fun toys that also serve a purpose in their development, helping them grow up into strong, fit, and coordinated adults. They’ll thank you!