• This entry was posted in Fitness on May 17, 2016

  • Are you a victim of relationship weight gain? Some studies say our romantic relationships (and sometimes the stress they cause) can have a negative impact on our health. When we feel safe, we’re less inclined to choose the treadmill over chips. And since many people mirror their partner’s eating habits, the fall to poor health isn’t a solo one. Couples in love can have a tendency to get a little too comfortable together.

    Sound familiar? If so, don’t stress too much. With hard work and planning, you (and your partner) can get back on track. And it can even be fun! Below are five active date night ideas that can propel you onto the path toward living a healthier lifestyle together.

    Try a new fitness class. Studio classes are all the rage right now – and there are so many to choose from! Do some research and sign the two of you up for something new and exciting. There’s nothing more romantic than charging into the unknown together.

    Go on an evening stroll or jog. When the weather is nice, set out at a mutually agreeable pace and enjoy the cool summer air. If you’re walking, take this opportunity to connect and talk about work, friends, hobbies, TV shows, etc. If you’re running, enjoy the peaceful quiet time with your partner by your side.

    Hit the gym. Be your own personal trainers. Are you great at weights but not into cardio? Maybe your significant other kills it on the treadmill, but fears the weight room. Share your workout routines and encourage each other to mix it up and try new things.

    Swim. You don’t have to swim dozens of laps solo to get a good workout in the pool. Hop in, splash each other for fun, and swim around at your leisure. Even moderate social swimming is a fantastic full body workout.

    Get a game going. Double date with another active couple and set up a friendly game of beach volleyball or basketball. Competing together can strengthen your bond, and you’ll have loads of fun crushing the competition!

    Couples that sweat together stay together.  Ruts are bound to happen, but don’t forget that your partner should be the number one person encouraging you to be your healthiest and happiest self. Lift each other up with these five fun active date nights. Because helping your partner stay active is the ultimate way to show you care.