• This entry was posted in Patio on April 20, 2016

  • Happy spring! With chilly weather and snowy grounds a thing of the past, warm weather means an air of relaxation, evenings spent enjoying being outdoors, and often a boost in energy and overall happiness.

    There are many reasons to love spring, from sundresses and outdoor walks, to hikes and campfires, to lightning bugs and bike rides. Don’t get caught up in the excitement and forget there’s work to be done – your patio won’t get itself ready for spring.

    Below are four tips to keep in mind when prepping your backyard for the change in seasons.

    1) Do your spring-cleaning! Scrub down your outdoor furniture with soap and water. A lot of dirt can accumulate throughout the year. While you’re out there, do an inventory. Is anything wobbly or broken? Now is the time to replace it.

    2) Get started on garden maintenance. Clear the leaves out of your flowerbeds and get rid of any tree branches on your patio area. Although this ideally should have been done in the fall, check your garden soil and adjust it if needed (which you can do with coffee grounds or even eggshells).

    3) Check on your tools. Do an inventory of everything you’ll use for outdoor maintenance this spring. First and foremost, make sure your lawnmower and sprinkler are working well. Other tools/patio essentials to check on and make sure you have in an easy to access place: gardening tools, flower pots, and patio chair cushions.

    4) Do some research. Review how and when to water your plants, how to maintain and know when to replace your patio furniture, and if you’d like, come up with an exciting new spring project to spruce up your outdoor area, like adding an herb garden, or creating a new sitting nook by the rose bush you never get to enjoy.

    Savor the season and all the warmth, cheer, and health benefits it offers. Get to know your neighbors and enjoy this time when it’s easy to be active and experience the great outdoors.

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