• This entry was posted in on February 14, 2018

  • In honor of Valentine’s Day – we are going to provide you with a few date ideas that get you and your significant other out and active.  These ideas are great for Valentine’s Day Weekend or just a surprise date.


    It may depend on your location, but getting out and going for a hike is a great date.  You get some fresh air; use some team work to help each other through the difficult sections.  You can even pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenic view as you make your way up the mountain or around the lake.  You’ll break a sweat, but your date will appreciate the thought.

    Ice Skating

    What better excuse to hold your dates hand than to go ice skating.  Even if you’re not a professional and keep falling, your date will want to help you up (or vice versa).  Best of all, afterwards you can cozy up afterwards with a nice cup of hot cocoa. 

    Dance Classes

    It’s not Dancing with the Stars but taking a class at your local dance studio could be a great date.  If you take a salsa class you get to be extremely close to your date, give them a twirl, and then bring them back close to you. It seems like a win-win situation for any date.

    Cooking Classes

    So this is not your typical active date, but it is outside of the box.  It’s always fun to learn something new and you and your date can learn to cook a new dish.  Check out a few locations that offer cooking classes and pick one that will introduce you or your date to a new cuisine.  Working together to create a meal can be more romantic than splurging on an expensive dinner.

    Run a Race

    Many cities offer a Valentine’s Day/Lovers race where you and your valentine can team up and run the race.  You get in your exercise and can celebrate together at the finish line.  Best of all, running can help relax you and relieve any stress you may have around Valentine’s Day. 


    This is another great date for some teamwork, especially if you get a 2 person kayak.  You can work together, talk the entire day and you can even pack a lunch and post up on a beach for a nice romantic lunch.  You can enjoy the views, talk and enjoy the silence of the outdoors together.


    This is definitely outside the scope of a typical date, but for the extreme couple who enjoys a little bit of friendly competition and an adrenaline rush, this could be a great date.  Just be careful to not shoot your partner too much!  You can team up together and take on another team and see who wins at the end. 


    Nothing like walking 18 holes with your date to spark up a great conversation!  Plus, what if they need a little help with their swing? You can help them, get a little close and show them what the proper golf swing looks like.  It’s a relaxing date that includes a bit of exercise, some (hopefully) sunshine, and lots of YOU time.


    Adult arcades are just as fun as regular arcades were when you were a kid.  Nothing beats playing a game of Skee Ball, or basketball to see is the best! You can hop on a racing game, try to win tickets, and—since it’s for adults—you can grab a drink at the bar.  Either way, you’ll be running around the arcade, playing games and collecting tickets like a little kid again. It’s fun and you can combine tickets to get your date a cute gift!

    There are plenty of ideas out there to help get you and your date out and active.  It doesn’t have to include sweating, or getting in a work out.  Working together, communicating, having fun and doing something outside of the box will make for a memorable date.  What kind of active date would you suggest to add to our list?