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  • It’s not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your aunt begging you to try the double chocolate fudge peanut butter cookies she brought for this year’s holiday feast. “I’m watching what I eat,” or “I’m on a diet,” often prompts eye rolls, and exclamations of, “It won’t kill you! Just a bite!”

    Pressure aside, it’s hard to watch friends and loved ones consume tasty concoctions and endless wine while nesting on the couch, without being swayed to the “dark side.”

    Here are a few realistic tips for staying healthy, and eating and living with intention during the holiday season.

    1) Bring your own. There’s an abundance of healthy holiday cookies and dishes you can bring to a potluck or party this year. If you bring your own, you can guarantee at least one healthy item will be on the table. Plus, people will appreciate healthier choices amongst the heavier food more typical at holiday gatherings.

    2) Prepare your stomach. You never want to approach a holiday party or meal on an empty stomach. Always eat a solid snack with plenty of protein, like a handful of nuts, or peanut butter and celery, before going to an outing. It will keep you full enough to use your reason and refrain from diving for the eggnog and sugar cookies.

    3) Indulge. A little. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite treats completely. Snack slowly on one or two cookies, and enjoy a glass of red wine (one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks you can opt for). If you indulge a little, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. Refusing to eat anything unhealthy over the holidays could result in a secret midnight session with the cookie tray.

    4) Move it! We know the holidays are a time to relax and hang out with loved ones, but you’ll feel awful if you don’t find some way to incorporate movement into your holiday plans. Go for a walk as a group, or play an active game with the kids – physical activity makes for great quality time!

    5) Be careful what you drink. Seasonal drinks are loaded in calories – and alcoholic ones can tear apart any plans you had for eating mindfully. We’re more likely to consume unnecessary calories while drinking, so limit it to 1-2 drinks a night. Icing on the cake: the less you have to drink, the less likely you are to embarrass yourself. Don’t be that relative.

    It’s hard to stay healthy during the holidays. It’s a time of celebration and adventure after all – who wants to spend that time counting calories? But it’s not likely you’ll enjoy the wonder of the season if you’re feeling bloated, loaded, and weighed down by plates of turkey and mugs of mulled wine. Celebrate the season with cheer and your most ugly Christmas sweater, but don’t forget to take care of yourself in the process. With these five tips in mind, you can have fun, avoid the nickname “wet blanket,” eat mindfully, and start the New Year on a positive note.

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  • Playing outside is a great way to help your kids have fun and stay fit. There are many benefits to outdoor play, including exercise, socialization and strengthening muscles. Have your kids enjoy the fall weather and unplug indoor games and TV and send them outside for some fun and a little fitness. Here are a few outdoor games the whole family will enjoy!

    1. Bean Bag Toss or cornhole is a perfect outdoor game that the whole family can enjoy. It takes a balance of luck and skill to get the hang of, but once you get the form down it’s everyones favorite game. The game is played with two sets of wooden boards set 27 feet apart (or closer if you are playing with younger children). There are dozens of beanbag toss games available made for all ages and skill levels.

    2. Outdoor Chess with a giant chess set with spaces big enough to stand in, chess teaches kids motor skills, strategy, creativity and how to play by the rules. This game is played on a life-size black-and-white checkerboard with large resin chess pieces. Each player moves the one- to two-foot-tall pieces in this classic strategy board game. Each piece has a specific rule for how it can be moved. The game is over when the opponent’s king becomes trapped on the board, known as a checkmate. Outdoor chess can be played by two players or by several kids divided into two teams. KETTLER giant chess sets are made of resin is about ten feet square and can be weighted down with gravel if needed.

    3. Table Tennis is a great way to create a little friendly competition. Two or four players are needed for a game. Table tennis tables can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. Models with a true play-back feature can be set up for children to practice or play by themselves. Table tennis is a popular after-school activity for a range of ages.

    4. Bocce is a classic outdoor game, it can be played in the grass or even on the beach. Standard bocce balls weigh about 2 pounds, which can be heavy for younger kids. Some variations of bocce are available with more kid-friendly with lighter weight balls and plastic rings. Bocce is a fun challenge for all ages and a simple outdoor game to get the hang of.

    5. Hide and Seek can be enjoyed indoors and out, with two or more players. It can even be played with Mom, Dad or the babysitter. One person, often designated as “It,” closes their eyes and counts to 20 while the others hide within the boundaries. After announcing “Ready or not, here I come,” It looks for all of the other players. The first one who is found becomes It in the next round. There are many variations on the game, and the rules should be agreed upon before it begins.


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  • A lot is happening between the ages of 12 and 36 months. It’s a special time of discovery and development. Children are developing their gross motor skills, building muscles, discovering balance, and becoming more sure-footed as they take their first steps. At KETTLER we have several toys for your toddler, whether they want to push, scoot, or dig. Foot to floor toys make toddling fun and helps with balance and motor skill coordination. Your child sits or stands over the seat, holds on to the stationary handles and zooms around.

    Uber Zoomer

    - Wide handgrips
    - Contoured textured saddle for added comfort and grip
    - Extended front wheelbase to help prevent tipping
    - 4 swiveling smooth rolling wheels with non-marking rubber tread
    - Deep seating wheel covers for added safety
    - Foot rest tabs for added play
    - Thick molded resin body with interior reinforcement for a solid durable base
    - Lightweight body for easy maneuver and transport

    My Activity Ride-On

    - Wide sturdy resin body
    - Rear stabilizer to help prevent tipping
    - Squeaker horn
    - Limited steering
    - Removable blow-molded resin push handle
    - Under seat storage area
    - Unique Play Features include: Colorful turn wheel pattern, Removable play phone, Educational turn clock, flip pages, Slide window, Turn Key, Gear shifter, Tumble roller and Turn dial

    Baby Farm Trac

    - Front wheel steering
    - Working horn
    - Durable resin construction
    - Detachable hauling trailer
    - Shovel and rake included

    Baby Princess Trac

    - Front wheel steering
    - Working horn
    - Durable resin construction
    - Detachable hauling trailer
    - Shovel and rake included

    You can count on KETTLER for the best quality, design, and value in ride on products. Our foot to floor toys are ideal for toddlers who are developing their muscles and coordination. By the time kids reach the age of 3 or 4 they’re ready to graduate to some of the more advanced toys and play equipment. Take a look at what other KETTLER toys are available for your little ones.

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  • The lifestyle habits learned and developed during childhood often become lifelong habits. This is why instilling healthy habits and safe behavior for your little ones from an early age is so important. The sooner you begin reminding them of what is healthy and safe in their everyday routine, they will naturally recognize right from wrong, safe from unsafe, and healthy from unhealthy. You teach them these lessons and trust them to make the right choices when playing with friends and when they are at school.

    Staying Healthy

    - Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss at least once.
    - Make healthy food choices. Have a fruit or vegetable with every meal and choose healthy snack options.
    - Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after every meal, after using the restroom, after recess, and more often when you are sick or getting a cold.
    - Drink plenty of liquids. Stay hydrated with water throughout the day especially when playing.
    - Get active. At least 30 minutes of exercise and fresh air every day.

    Playing Safe

    - Look both ways before crossing the street, or crossing in front of a driveway.
    - Use all playground equipment as it was meant to be played on. No going up the slides or standing on the swings.
    - When riding a bike always wear safety gear and a properly fitted helmet.
    - Wear sneakers for recess and outdoor playtime.
    - Dress appropriately for the playground. Remove necklaces, purses, scarves or clothing with drawstrings that can get caught on equipment and pose a strangulation hazard.
    - No pushing, crowding or shoving.

    Limit the time playing video games and watching TV each day.

    Elementary age children are at an extremely important age mentally, emotionally and physically. Giving them these helpful reminders will ensure they are learning and growing into smart and healthy adolescents.

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  • It’s no secret that active people live healthier - and often longer - lives. Since you want your loved ones to not only stick around for as long as possible, but enjoy and make the most of their lives, active gifts are the ultimate way to show you care.

    There’s an active present appropriate for everyone on your list. Just make sure the gift matches up to their interests and fitness level. An avid runner might love a new pair of sneakers, while someone just getting into fitness might be interested in a step-monitoring device to help them on the journey toward better health.

    From improving wellness, to encouraging fun and adventure, here are a few reasons why you should consider active gifts for your loved ones this season.

    1) They’re fun. Kids love anything that gets them moving, and adults savor the chance to let loose, play, and relax. No need to wait – active gifts are often the first ones put to use on Christmas morning, with outdoor walks and adventures frequently part of holiday family traditions. Table tennis sets, and bikes, scooters, and other toys all make great active gifts.

    2) Active presents send an inspiring message. Regular physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and even cancer in your loved ones. Encourage them to improve their lives with functional and fun presents that can make a momentous difference in their wellbeing.

    3) Movement makes happiness. Exercise helps us process and handle stress more effectively. Regular movement puts things in perspective, and helps people see the world in a larger scope. Setting and achieving fitness goals creates a confidence that transfers over to many others areas of life – from school, to work, to personal relationships. Give a gift that will guarantee greater life satisfaction.

    4) Activities make memories. Items that involve activities are the best presents, because they give something that’s hard to lose or top – memories. Active gifts give families and friends ways to bond, explore, and grow together in good health.

    5) They’re unique. It’s easy to forget who gave you a mug or a gift card, but you’ll always remember who gave you a fitness gadget or toy you use at least once a week.

    From outdoor games to exercise equipment, help your friends and family reach their optimum levels of health and happiness this holiday season with gifts from KETTLER USA that incite adventure, inspire growth, and foster confidence. It’s no contest: active gifts are the best!