• This entry was posted in Toys on October 02, 2017

  • Making sure your kids grow up healthy and fit is every parent’s top priority. As important as encouraging active healthy behavior is, finding a balance between work, family, school, and physical activity can be tough. Setting a healthy example and getting kids excited about getting active is a good place to start. Here are some tips and fun ways to engage your kids in physical activity.

    Bike Ride

    Bike rides can be relaxing and also a great strengthening and aerobic workout. Riding a bike works all the major muscles groups of the body.

    At KETTLER we make bicycles of all types and sizes to best suit each member of your family.


    Weekly Sports Nights

    Whether it’s Tuesday night or Sunday afternoon, get the whole family in the backyard or at a neighborhood park for a ball game. Take turns choosing what sport or game to play that week. From soccer to table tennis, you’ll get a good workout in and make lasting memories with your family.


    Charity Runs

    Give back to community while getting active. Team up with your children for a fundraising race. Walk or run races and have fun training with fitness games and challenges in the weeks before an event. Children will enjoy seeing their progress from race to race and earning medals and certificates.


    Family Fitness Classes

    Swimming, biking, canoeing and hiking are great in the summer and into the early fall, while sledding, ice skating, building a snowman or skiing are winter fun. Depending on the season find fun mini adventures your family can plan and look forward to. Many gyms and community centers offer family fitness classes designed for parents and children. Or create your own backyard regiment on the swing set or in the grass.


    Even chores around the house or something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood can be turned into fun games and a chance to get active, even if only for a few minutes. Nature walks are great in any season. For fall make a game out of catching leaves on a windy day - see who can catch the red, yellow, and green leaves. Let the kids help out in the yard by having them rake the leaves into piles – then have fun jumping in them or taking turns covering one another in leaves.