• This entry was posted in Fitness on January 10, 2018

  • As the majority of the country just experienced a “polar vortex” and has been dealing with frigid temperatures – it definitely can be a challenge to drag yourself to the gym.  There is no need to bundle up, trek through the snow (or freezing temperatures) to your local gym; you can get a good workout at home until the weather takes a turn for the better. 


    AskMen suggests running up and down a set of stairs in your home.  This is a great way to increase your heart-rate without bearing the bitter cold.  If you invest in a jump-rope, that’s another way you can get your cardio in.

    If you have oversized boxes that you are able to stand upon (the higher the better) then use it for step-ups. If you’re able to do one (or all) of these for 30-60 seconds hard, then rest for a minute and repeat.


    Legs: If it’s too cold to go outside, and you have too many chores to get done around the house, that’s okay.  While you’re washing the dishes, do some standing calf raises.  See if you can lift and lower your heels for as long as possible, try to start with 20 a day and increase a little each day. You get a work out, and your dishes are now clean.

    It’s easy to do lunges at home.  Find a space where you can stretch out a bit or, if necessary, you can use your hallway.  Go back and forth a few times and get a really good stretch. 

    Abs: If you could add one piece of “furniture” to your home, it should be a fitness/exercise ball. Whether you’re watching TV or doing some work at home, if you can manage to sit on an exercise ball you are giving your abs a workout.  For more of a challenge – try doing some sit ups using the exercise ball.

    If you do not have an exercise ball available, then see about doing a few oblique crunches.  You’ll work out your abs and you can even do it while watching TV at night, or in the morning before you get ready for the day.  

    Arms: If you do have an exercise ball at home, then a simple solution is to do a few sets of push-ups on the exercise ball.  In addition to working your upper body, you will also sneak in an ab workout.

    Doing some light weight-lifting is another way to get fit at home.  Whether you have a few light free weights, or if you just want to use household items such as milk, can of corn, or laundry detergent.  Do a few reps and start sculpting your arms.

    It is important that if you’re not going to venture to the gym in sub-zero degree weather, that you still manage to keep up with your fitness.  There are definitely more options for workout routines at home, what is your favorite at-home fitness tip?