Table Tennis for the Troops

Daily amenities such as having hot water, or turning on the TV to check out the latest primetime show can often be taken for granted.  How about going outside to toss a football, or challenging someone to a friendly game of Table Tennis?  It’s fairly easy to take simple things in life for granted.

So, when a soldier from the Bravo 2 unit from Fort Campbell, KY reached out to Kettler to ask for a little support and a morale boost, we were more than happy to help.  The soldier contacted the Kettler team explaining how the living conditions in Afghanistan (where they are currently stationed) are feeble and how the soldiers stationed there miss out on some of the most basic amenities.

table tennis box

The Kettler team came together and thought that it would be great to send the unit a Kettler Top Star XL outdoor table tennis table to not only brighten up their station, but also improve morale.  Working with AIT Worldwide Logistics to help ship the table to the unit in Afghanistan, the Kettler team sent Outdoor Racquets, Table Tennis Balls, tournament rules, as well as words of gratitude from the Kettler team for the soldiers serving.

For those who serve overseas, being away from their family and friends can be a struggle, especially around the holiday season, when so many families come together to celebrate.  Therefore, any symbol or gesture that comes from back home can really help raise their spirits.  A little friendly competition among the soldiers can remove them from their current conditions and can allow them to reminisce on some of their favorite past times.  We hope that the soldiers can use the table to escape from reality and enjoy themselves, even if for just a little bit.table tennis for troops

As Bravo Unit 2 awaits their Table Tennis table over the next few weeks, take a minute to thank a service man or woman for their sacrifice and service to our country. We may not understand all of the conditions that they have to endure, but a little thank you goes a long way.

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