Benefits of Electric Bikes

What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle with an electric motor used to either power or help pedal a bicycle using rechargeable batteries. Electric bicycles can travel up to 15 to 20 miles per hour

Are electric bicycles gaining in popularity?

Electric bicycle usage worldwide has experienced rapid growth since 1998. The "Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports-2010 Update" estimates that electric bicycle sales in the US reached roughly 300,000 in 2010, doubling the number sold in 2009. This coupled with the estimated 120 million e-bikes already on the road in China and over 1 million on the road in Europe show that electric bicycles are growing in popularity and becoming a practical and fun means of transportation.

What are the health benefits of an electric bicycle over a traditional bicycle?

Electric bicycles require less cardiac exertion for those who have experienced heart problems, are elderly, or have to cover a great distances. This makes electric bikes ideal for commuting, running errands, and use in cardiac rehabilitation programs. Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs can reduce deaths in people with coronary heart disease by around 27%. A patient may feel safer progressing from a stationary bike to an electric bike instead of progressing to a traditional bike.

Are there economic benefits of riding an electric bicycle?

The economic benefits of electric bicycles are better, in terms of payback, than insulating your home. An electric bike owner is free of registration and insurance requirements. Substituting e-bike trips for car trips saves on purchase price, insurance, and registration fees. Beyond the purchase price, cars cost about $0.20 per mile in fuel and parts. Some families will use an electric bike to augment their car use while others will find tremendous savings by living with one less car.

What are the environmental benefits of riding an electric bicycle over driving a car?

The environmental benefits include reduced pollution of CO2, NOX, tire debris and brake lining fragments and reduced resource consumption of material, fuel, and infrastructure. The average car emits one pound of CO2 for every mile driven. A recent study on the environment impact of electric bicycles versus other forms of transportation found that electric bikes are about:

  • 18 times more energy efficient than a SUV
  • 13 times more energy efficient than a sedan
  • 6 times more energy efficient than rail transit

What are the traffic benefits of riding an electric bicycle over driving a car?

Automobiles can be slowed by construction or traffic jams. An electric bike is light enough to carry short distances over or around obstacles or traffic jams.

Why should I own an electric bicycle?

E-bikes support a simple lifestyle. They're easy to use; just flip a switch to get a gentle, but firm, push. They save time in two ways: 1) For errands up to a mile and on some congested commutes, e-bikes are quicker than the car; 2) Their low cost means you work fewer hours supporting them. The pace of life slows a bit while riding an electric bike. Stress goes down, enjoyment of life goes up.Your health and fitness will likely improve. How can that be with a motor on your bike? It is likely because you will be riding the electric bike more often. It's more enjoyable! Traffic snarls aren't frustrating and stressful. In fact, the worse the jam, the more gratifying the ride. It doesn't just feel like you're beating the system, you are!

What are the types of electric bikes?

There are two types of electric bicycles. The first type is where the motor does all of the pedaling and the cyclist does not have to pedal to drive the bike. The second type of electric bicycle is a pedelec. Pedelecs assist the rider with electric power only while the rider is pedaling. What that means is the motor engages with the first thrust of the rider and will only continue to stay engaged while being pedaled. This type of drive system is more efficient because it will save on battery life. Pedelec bikes can be operated with and without the assistance of the motor. A drained battery does not strand a pedelec rider. Another advantage to this system is better health as the rider must pedal. All KETTLER electric bikes are pedelecs.